YY concert 12

Joey & Wyman at YY Concert

Wyman Wong (黃偉文, born in May 21) is a famous lyricist who has written song for Joey Yung for a long time. They are also good friends. Wyman will give advice to Joey's costumes. They always hang out to buy clothes. In 2011, Joey has performed in every show of Wyman's conert.

Before being a lyricist, Wyman has been a radio DJ. After his greaest hits, he has always been compared to Albert Leung. His first song cooperated with Joey is "Pain Love", which received great response from public. Wyman also worked as a song producer in songs in 2014.

Work with Joey

Songs Album Composer Producer
痛愛 Pain Love Love Joey Keith Chan
故弄玄虛 Deliberate Confusion All Summer Holiday
隆重登場 Grand on Stage Grand on Stage
一面之緣 Nodding Acquaintance Something About You
早有預謀 Premeditation
電我 Phone Me Love Joey Love 2
心淡 Disheartened My Pride
我的驕傲 My Pride Chan Kwong-wing
Show Up! Show Up!
派對機器 Party Machine
遲鈍 Bluntness
夢路 Dreamroad Nin9 2 5ive
最後勝利 Final Victory
借過 Excuse Me
世上只有 Only You in the World
16號愛人 16th Lover Give Love A Break
紅牌出場 Penalty Card
分身術 Spliting Bodies
男朋友與歌 Boyfriends And Songs
心病 Secret Trouble
Chihuahua X'Mas Chihuahua Ray Gilbert /
Louis Oliveira /
Rene Baumann /
Axel Breitung
刻不容緩 Cannot Delay (w/ Hacken Lee) Love Joey Love 3 Ronald Ng
明日恩典 Tommorrow's Grace Schumann Schumann
呼天不應 Unanswered Cries to Heaven Ivana Wong
好事多為 Pointless Doing Bi-Heart Stuart Crichton,
Andy Love
還未 Not Yet Vicky Fung
流淚眼望流淚眼 Tears vs Tears Ten Most Wanted 伍仲衡, 王仲傑 Schumann
最後的茱麗葉 The Last Juliet Kenix Cheang
情歌的情歌 Love Song of the Love Songs James Ting
華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter Close Up Eric Kwok
黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door Carl Wong Carl Wong
Glow Glow Edmond Tsang Carl Wong
Runaway Hanjin Tan
Lucky Star Love Joey Love Four
跑步機上 On running machine In Motion Carl Wong
28個我 28 of Me 何山 Carl Wong
雙冠軍 Double Champion Joey Ten 廖卓瑩 Alvin Leong
桃色冒險 Peach Adventure Carl Wong
一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels Joey Ten Carl Wong
世界小姐 Miss World Endy Chow Schumann
空港 Airport Airport Skot Suyama, 梁永泰
破相 Disfigured Keith Chan
綠野仙踪 Wizard of Oz Hanjin Tan
13點 Thirteenth o'clock Joey & Joey 藝琛 Schumann
花千樹 Forest of Flowers Mattew Tisher,
Andrew Ang
牆紙 Wallpaper Khalil Fong Edward Chan,
Charles Lee
充電器 Charger Little Day Chan Kwong-wing
天窗 Skylights Little Day Pakho Chau Alex Fung
另眼相看 View in a New Light Alex Fung
小日子 Little Day
布穀鳥大反擊 Counterattack of the Cuckoo Chan Kwong-wing
天然呆 Natural Awkwardness Me, Re-Do Janet Yung Wyman Wong
/ Harris Ho
樂觀 Optimism Mayumi Itsuwa Wyman Wong
/ Harris Ho
/ Schumann
這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far Me, Re-Do Jackie Cheung Alex Fung
飄紅 Rosy Janet Yung
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