"View in a New Light" (另眼相看; Demo name: Boom) is a Cantonese song sung by Joey Yung, as the first plug of her Cantonese album, Little Day. Five months after the last plug, "Charger", Joey eventually announced the release of a new song[1].


In early May, Joey posted in Weibo she was very glad that she finally got a lyrics from Wyman Wong[2], which contains elements of sexy, inspiration and love. Four days later, she posted two photos in studio working with Alex Fung about the song and hinted 'stay tune for next week'[3]. She posted a selfie the next day about finishing the song[4]. The next day, Wyman posted the first draft of lyrics and asked netizens to suggest song titles[5]. Two days later, Wyman decided the title would be 'View in a New Light' as a respond to one of the lyrics in "Grand on Stage"[6]. The person chosen would also get a ticket for Joey's 2013 concert. On the same day, Joey revealed the first plug would be released the next day[1]. The song officially released on iTunes[7],[8] and other platforms.

In the rehearsal of the Metro Radio Song Queen Live in Concert, Joey revealed the video would be include all male dancers shirtless. It was shot on June 20, 2013[9][10]. In mid July, she released a teaser (or behind the scenes). It was released on July 18, 2013.

The song is talking about a girl could do anything and change herself to make a boy love him. In another side, it's a song Joey dedicates to all the haters in her career. Even though they hate her, she is and she will do her best in making good music. Eventually one day, they will view her in a new light and start to love her.


輕輕解開 一顆衫鈕
尚在與你惡鬥 熱汗在流
就恨這高手 十萬個保守
落力地驅趕 不准我在巡遊

為著做密友 善事亦做夠
但待遇尚未 及你的狗
像被下毒咒 誰可幫幫手

捱下去 你也會愛上我的
凝望著我 我信我有你要的
狂熱和努力 誰話並無價值
舊日話我不好的 慢慢亦 容納下我

唯獨你 你似有某個潔癖
無視著我 猶如從未誕生過
柔滑如乳液 緩慢又如太極
祈求 一天一點 靠軟實力
BOOM 顯得嬌美欲滴

苛刻的他 挑剔的他
現在暗裡 也會遞遞熱茶
但是你偏偏 尚待我很差
在互望一刻 始終咬著銀牙

付極大代價 換現在造化
但獨獨是你 仍單單打打

捱下去 你也會愛上我的
凝望著我 我信我有你要的
狂熱和努力 誰話並無價值
舊日話我不好的 慢慢亦 容納下我

唯獨你 你似有某個潔癖
無視著我 猶如從未誕生過
柔滑如乳液 緩慢又如太極
祈求 一天一點 靠軟實力
BOOM 終於優雅還擊

幾分姿色 加幾分膽色
方可得到 不該得到的
不敢高攀的 一般很出色
擒獲前若無大戰 也不刺激

捱下去 你也會愛上我的
凝望著我 看看你錯過了的
狂熱和努力 誰話並無價值
舊日話我不好的 慢慢亦 容納下我

唯獨你 你似有某個潔癖
無視著我 拿靈魂換那功課
柔滑如乳液 緩慢又如太極
祈求 一天一點 靠軟實力
BOOM 開出一個奇蹟

Music Video

另眼相看 MV

另眼相看 MV

  • Directed by: Vernie Yeung
  • Cinematography by: Kengi Kwong
  • Produced by: Angie Cheung
  • Makeup artist: Arris Law
  • Hairstylist: Heibie Mok
  • Dancers: Oscar, Panda, Sam, Jimmy, Yung, Wilky
  • Choreographed by: High King

Commercial release

An exclusive digital EP of the song was released on iTunes[7], on May 13, 2013. It includes the song, the instrumental versions and an interview about the song from Joey.

New Light
另眼相看 - EP
1. "另眼相看 View in a New Light "   03:30
2. "另眼相看 View in a New Light " (KTV) 03:31
3. "另眼相看 View in a New Light " (Instrumental) 03:31
4. "另眼相看 View in a New Light " (Joey's commentary) 01:48
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Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
另眼相看 View in a New Light 13/05/2013 1 1 1 2


  • JSG Awards 2013 - Jade Solid Gold Best Twenty Songs - 9th




  • All instruments by: Alex Fung
  • All Chorus by: Joey Yung & Alex Fung
  • Guitars by: Randy Chow
  • Bass by: Fergus Chow


  • Recorded by: Alex Fung@The Invisible Studio
  • Mixed by: & Alex Fung


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