"Tomorrow's Grace" (明日恩典) is the second track and second plug off Joey Yung's third compilation album, Love Joey Love the Greatest Hits 3. The song sampled and interpolated the famous traditional hymns, "Amazing Grace" by John Newton and "Happy Birthday". Upon release, the song received immense praise from the public for its positive vibe and message. It has also reached 4 number 1s on Hong Kong's four major media music charts, making Joey's ninth song to achieve so.


來 為何還等待 趁大家也在
時間在流動 橫過目前 往下秒開
就趁這分鐘 來一個合照 捱完還識怎麼笑
辛苦極 過活還是精彩
沒有小悲哀 想不起 到底多被愛
共你縱是塵埃 渡紅海 再行下去大概...

還有恩典 開遍面前 寒季終必回暖
前面會有 什麼樂園
靠人沿途發現 只需要 相信它不遠

別怨這一生 如此過下去 明晨仍可於這裡
這小事 有人全力爭取
學會小小的 都感激 亦算得樂趣
願以後盛和衰 亦容許 我陪著你面對

還有恩典 開遍面前 寒季終必回暖
前面會有 什麼樂園
靠人沿途發現 只需要 相信它不遠

難道看別人先看見 風光我們已獨佔
如我們還怨 明日好運會轉

Amazing Grace! How sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
前面會有 什麼樂園 靠人沿途發現
只需要 相信它不遠
幸福 並不很遠 你還在我身邊
心足了 一切都不欠

Music Video

明日恩典 MV

明日恩典 MV



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
明日恩典 Tomorrow's Grace 27/02/2005 1 1 1* 1
  • "*" stands for getting number one for two weeks


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  • Guitars: Danny Leung
  • Drums: Anthony Fernades
  • Keyboards: 孫偉明
  • Other Keyboards and Programs by: Schumann
  • Children Chorus: 黃大仙兒童合唱團
  • Additional Chorus: 細may, VIKI C.


  • Drums and Children Choir Recorded by: Ming and KLS at D&M Studio
  • Recorded by: Sky at ZOO Music Studio
  • Mixed by: Frankie Hung & Schumann at ZOO Music Studio


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