"The Jade and the Pearl" is a 2010 Hong Kong film co-produced by Shaw Brothers Studio, Television Broadcasts Limited and Emperor Motion pictures.

Despite having a role in the movie, Joey Yung also sang the ending song of it, "Believing Life has Loved", with Cantonese and Mandarin versions.


Chinese name 翡翠明珠
Directed by Janet Chun
Produced by Ng Yu
Chan Hing Ka
Chin Siu Wai
Starring Charlene Choi
Raymond Lam
Joey Yung
Wong Cho-lam
Studio Shaw Brothers Studio
Television Broadcasts Limited
Emperor Motion pictures
Release date(s) 30 July 2010 (China)
5 August 2010 (Hong Kong)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Main Cast

Name Role Description
Charlene Choi Princess Yin 嫣公主 Princess
Raymond Lam Ching Hin 程騫 General
Joey Yung Chuk Sam Leung 祝三娘 Thief who lives on the top of the mountain
Wong Cho-Lam Ling Kam Hoi 凌感開 Storyteller


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