This is the general rundown Joey sang for most of the shows, there were slightly different in certain shows.
  1. Opening
  2. 蜃樓 Mirage
  3. 跟珍芳達做健身操 Get Fit with Jane Fonda
  4. Lucky Star
  5. Timidity
  6. 這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute
  7. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  8. Runaway
  9. 心花怒放 Joyful
  10. Lovin' U
  11. Glow
  12. 啜泣 Sob
  13. 黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door
  14. 零時零分 Dawn
  15. Mad About You
  16. 赤地雪 Red Snow
  17. 告解 Confession
  18. S.O.S.
  19. Classic Medley: 再見我的初戀 Goodbye My First Love / 痛愛 Pain Love / 逃避你 Run away from You /
    誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me / 損友 Bad Friend / 抱抱 Hug Hug / 想得太遠 Thinking Too Much /
    習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup / 一拍兩散 Instant Breakup / 心淡 Disheartened
  20. Power Medley: 未知 Not Yet Know / 不容錯失 Don't Miss / 喜喜 Happy Happy /
    神魂顛倒 Head over Heels / 相當刺激 So Exciting / 隆重登場 Grand on Stage /
    越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger
  21. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  22. 陪我長大 Grow Up with Me
  23. 爭氣 Making Effort
  24. 全身暑假 All Summer Holiday / 一面之緣 Nodding Acquaintance

Addtional notes

  • On th 1st show, "Run away from You" was not in the Classic Medley set.
  • The rundown changed greatly after the 1st show because of the request from Mani.
  • "Modern Times" replaced "The Big Yellow Door" on the 2nd show.
  • The encore segment of each show changed every night (and a few of the shows did not include an encore segment, though most did).
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