" Science of Heart " (心之科學) is a Cantonese plug performed by Joey Yung, released in 2018. It marked as the first collaboration between Joey and Cantopop band Dear Jane.


分一次手 你大傷元氣 病兩世紀
已經細的 越見卑微
他的五官 也並不完美
提前到末期 絕非因你 下錯棋
曾多麽 愛亦會膩~
誰的心 似隨意肌

情人 不愛你 還 不愛你 憑什麼 否定你
月光 有人撈起 有人瞧不起~
被愛概率 如宇宙 陰森詭祕
神也摸不透的 問你怎麼與它 鬥氣

傾心變心 有什麼定理
纏綿有效期 誰都不似 别去比
誰失戀 要受責備~
何必將 責任揹起

情人 不愛你 還 不愛你 憑什麼 否定你
月光 有人撈起 有人瞧不起~
被愛概率 如宇宙 陰森詭祕
無法主宰那些 誰那麽蠢與它 鬥氣

離離合合 百世紀
段段看破 無常理~
不必 嘔心瀝血 叫他愛你
有人是獨個 離場才完美

無人生哲理 能急救你 唯獨這歌 贈你
幸福 既然隨機 你為何心死~
大腦細胞 調校著 戀之分泌
無法阻他變心 仍有胸襟永不 洩氣

Music Video

The animation video created by Taiwanese artist Smoky Tu, was released on June 21, 2018.

心之科學 MV

心之科學 MV

Commercial release

The song was released digitally on iTunes and other online music platforms on June 16, 2018[1].

The Science of Heart
心之科學 - Single
1. "心之科學 Science of Heart"   03:55
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Dear JY Mix

After the song reached the peaks on the charts, Dear Jane rearranged the song and added band members' vocals to the song[2][3]. The new version was premiered on September 13, 2018 on radio stations. It was later released on all music platforms on September 20, 2018[4], along with a lyric video[5].

Science of Heart-Dear JY Mix
心之科學 (Dear JY Mix) - Single
1. "心之科學 Science of Heart" (Dear JY Mix) 04:27
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Chart Performance

Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
心之科學 Science of Heart 16/06/2018 1 1 1 2




  • Guitar & Programming: Howie Yung@Dear Jane
  • Bass: Jackal@Dear Jane
  • Drums: Nice@Dear Jane
  • Piano: Terence Lam
  • Female Chorus: JY616
  • Male Background vocal: Duck Lau
  • Strings arranged by: Jim Ling
  • Violins by: Leslie Moonsun Ryang
  • Second Violin by: Gallant Ho
  • Cellos by: Kwan Tan An Anna


  • Recorded by: Howie@Dear Jane at Dear Jane Studio
  • Vocal & Strings Recorded by: 萃Ming, 肥丘, Schumann@Zoo Music Studio
  • Mixed by: Brian Paturalski
  • Mastered by: Randy Merrill@Sterling Sound, NYC, USA


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