Ronald Ng (伍樂城) is a famous Hong Kong song writer and producer coopearted with many Chinese artists and singers including Joey Yung.

Work with Joey

"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.

Song Album Composer Lyricist Responsibility
逃避你 Run away from You EP1 Ronald Ng 李敏 C.A.P
燃亮我 Light Me Up Albert Leung
何苦 How Come EP2 Ronald Ng Albert Leung C.A.P
誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me Who Will Love Me
為你萬歲 Cheering for You
我們都寂寞 We're Both Lonely Love Joey C
瘦身大法 Slimming Method All Summer Holiday Ronald Ng Albert Leung C.A.P
全身暑假 All Summer Holiday
阿門 Amen
拍拖 Dating Something About You Ronald Ng Albert Leung C.A.P
早有預謀 Premeditation Wyman Wong
身驕肉貴 The Attractive One Give Love A break Ronald Ng Albert Leung C.A.P
刻不容緩 Cannot Delay Love Joey Love 3 Ronald Ng Wyman Wong C.A.P
罪魁 Criminal Bi-Heart Albert Leung
信今生愛過 Believing Life has Loved (Cantonese & Mandarin versions) The Jade and the Pearl OST Ronald Ng Chow Yiu Fai C.A.P
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