"Right Time" (正好) is the first track and first plug of Joey Yung's seventh Mandarin album, Moment. The song was adapted from Michael Jay's "Learning To Fly". Being Joey's first Mandarin songs got no.1 in Radio 903, the song received great responses from public. It brings positive message about we should treasure the moments.

Before the album was released, Joey re-worked the song on vocals. The new version, with more ad-lib, was used in the music video and in the album.

Music Video

Directed by Jude Chen.

容祖兒 - 正好 OFFICIAL MV

容祖兒 - 正好 OFFICIAL MV


非錯過某個眼神 錯過某某的吻 才在此刻懂愛吧
要遲來多少祝福 透支多少勇敢 現在翅膀起風了吧

ah~ah~ 每分鐘該如何度過
ah~ah~ 命運比我們知道

夢做得正好~ 醒來得正好~
遺憾和苦難不會提前 幸福也不敢遲到 現在就正好~

若非那搭錯的車 那些敲錯的門 回憶拿什麼來解悶
若現在省掉了眼淚 省掉滿身傷痕 未來會不會被扣分

ah~ah~ 下一秒會如何發生
ah~ah~ 命運一定有分寸

夢做得正好~ 醒來得正好~
遺憾和苦難不會提前 幸福也不敢遲到 現在就正好~

那麼遠的永遠 需要多少瞬間 才足夠填滿
每一秒鐘再短 也來得及燦爛 別妄想偷懶

執著得正好~ 放下得正好~
就享受現在的這一秒 既然知道躲不掉 就當做正好~




Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
正好 Right Time 10/05/2012 1 3 1 4


Music & Personnel

  • Electric guitar: 劉信宏
  • Mixed by: Craig Burbidge @ After Shock Studio, LA


OP: Alana Publishing Ivo Moring (SP: Bucks Music Hong Kong Ltd.) / Rhythm Addiction (SP: Universal Music Publishing MBG Hong Kong Ltd.)

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