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Joey Yung The Tour: Love in (Name of the City) is the worldwide tour version of Pretty Crazy concert. Under the re-branded title, "Love in...", the tour incorporates new songs and elements to the spectacular Pretty Crazy concert.


All pictures photographed by Leslie Kee.


This is the general setlist, please visit Pretty Crazy Tour/Love in/Tour setlists for songs performed at different stops.

  1. 空港 Airport (contains elements of "Beauty in Sight")
  2. Medley: 跑步機上 On Running Machine / 好事多為 Pointless Doing / 逃 Runaway /
    美麗在望 Beauty in Sight / 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  3. Beauty in Sight (Video Interlude)
  4. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  5. 啜泣 Sob
  6. 這就是愛嗎? Is This Love?
  7. 心之科學 Science of Heart
  8. 桃色冒險 Peach Adventure
  9. Gotta Get High (Interlude)
  10. Lovin' U
  11. 不容錯失 Don't Miss
  12. Mega Hit Ballad Medley: 未知 Not Yet Know / 怯 Timidity / 花千樹 Forest of Flowers /
    天窗 Skylights / 16號愛人 16th Lover / 阿門 Amen / 愛一個上一課 One Love, One Lesson
  13. 我的驕傲 My Pride / 揮著翅膀的女孩 The Girl with Brandishing Wings
  14. 痛愛 Pain Love
  15. Video Interlude (contains elements of "Head Over Heels" and "Disfigured")
  16. 破相 Disfigured
  17. Pretty Crazy Medley: Pretty Crazy / 派對機器 Party Machine / 全身暑假 All Summer Holiday /
    一面之緣 Nodding Acquaintance / 越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger
  18. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  19. Encore
  20. 心淡 Disheartened

Synopsis & Fashion

  • The three-sided stage usually has two levels, a rectangle LED screen and several 'JY20' (plus 'LOVE') logo lights.
  • The opening outfit was changed to a fluffy heart-shaped cloud-like one with LED lights inside, also designed by Kenneth Chan[1].
  • "On Running Machine" was moved to the opening medley, replacing "Show Up!".
  • Dancers in Part 1 wore the white 'asylum patients' outfit, originally from Part 6.
  • The whole "Crazy in Love" section was cut:
  • "Sleepwalking", "Diva", "Pessimistic Biology" and "The Last Juliet" were cut.

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