YF Life PRETTY CRAZY Joey Yung Concert Tour (萬通保險 PRETTY CRAZY 容祖兒演唱會) is Joey Yung's tenth concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum, named after the same-titled song. This concert held the record of the most number of shows in all Joey's concerts in Hong Kong.


After finishing her last major concert in Hong Kong Coliseum with Hacken Lee in 2015, Joey and Hacken embarked on a two-year world tour, while Joey did an intimate concert in Hong Kong Academy Of Performing Arts in 2017. During these few years, Joey took things slow with releasing new music.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of being in the industry, Joey entered 2019 in a full force with the release of new Cantonese songs. Notably, Joey first performed "Pretty Crazy" at the 1st KKBOX Hong Kong Music Awards[1]. Three weeks later, both the song and the video were released.


Joey first hinted the concert back in late 2018 in a KKBOX "Let's Listen" live broadcast. In January 2019, Joey and her team flew to Japan for a photoshoot session with the great Leslie Kee, whom also shot her first ever concert poster[2]. The name 'Pretty Crazy' was determined by her long time friend-lyricist-stylist Wyman Wong. In February, Joey and her team flew to Los Angeles to film a music special, Love in L.A.[3]. In the television special, Joey re-recorded five of her favourite songs in the Paramount Studio. She also took a look back of her artistic growth in the 20-year career. It was released later in May.

Joey eventually announced the details of the concert at March, 2019[4]. It was first announced the show would have 12 shows, and the priority booking of tickets by China Construction Bank credit card holders was held on April 11, 2019. The concert did not have counter booking, only internet, mobile app and credit card telephone bookings were available. Additional measures were also taken to prevent illegal scalped tickets, including ticket booking limit, implementation of "delayed collection of tickets" and increased number of tickets in public sale. About 85,000 tickets are available for public sale through URBTIX[5][6].

In late April, Joey met the famous stage designer, Es Devlin[7][8] in the United Kingdom. In May, As a support for his long time friend, singer Hins Cheung made a parody of "Pretty Crazy", as "Pretty Hungry" in his new alter ego, Dragon fruit[9][10]. One day before the public sale, during the press conference, it was announced that there would be 6 more additional shows[11].

Joey continued the promotion by posting a bunch of YouTube videos of her travelling and rehearsal pictures on Instagram[12][13]. However, Joey did not forget releasing new music. She released "Pessimistic Biology" in July as one more push to the 20th anniversary project. Four days before the start of the show, she released the merchandise list which fans could preorder online[14].



Photoshoot and design by Singaporean photographer Leslie Kee

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