"'Peach Adventure" (桃色冒險) is the first track and the second plug of Joey Yung's EP, Joey Ten. It is also the theme song of 2009 AGS X OGS. Moreover, it is a representative dance song of Joey after "Runaway" and "On running machine", becuase the choregraphy, the electro style and the "sexy" theme of the song amazed many people , which public seldom see this image of Joey.

In September 2010, 小克 made a spoof of the song, named "婆媳冒險" and Joey has recorded it. The song first previewed on 24th September, 2010.

Live performances

Joey sang the album version of the song, with an extended outro to let Joey raised to the stage top and changed her outfit for the next part. About the choregraphy, Joey did a more difficult version and "kiss" a female dancer.
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穿起大紅和服出發 被滿天飛霜變成雪白
然後降臨在鐵塔 騙過這衛星的探測
假使用完甜蜜配額 團聚只等如互相踐踏
各自逃亡但魂魄 差天隔地 但自由在握

*避見面能避一天 就一天 逐天
 穿梭於宇宙 任何奇幻國境線
 即使將 歷史書 望穿
 找不到我在 戰國裡 轉過圈

 共你別離後一篇 又一篇 續篇
 都不想有著 任何重疊落腳點
 這一刻 在新宿御苑
 一聽見你的風 已跳到四川

橫越幾光年 住天蝎座
切勿回頭 覓尋我
小心碰撞 若裂痕甚多


截斷直流電 扮做素未謀面
一天 若一天 遇險
火車廂裡面 突然浮現你的臉
將空間 立即的 劃穿
一轉身坐在 喀布爾 那戲院

讓往事流逝 一圈 又一圈 像煙
彼此的惡夢 做完留在夢那邊
於一起 沒好的事件
應該隔遠一點 背對背上演

Music Video

容祖兒 桃色冒險 official MV

容祖兒 桃色冒險 official MV

Official MV. Directed by Susie Au.



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
桃色冒險 Peach Adventure 18/12/2009 1 3 1 1



  • All instruments performed by: Carl "dafreak" Wong except tenor saxophones arranged and performed by Charles Huntley
  • Backing vocals by: Joey Yung


  • Recorded by: Carl "dafreak" Wong at freakland, Sax recorded by Charles Huntley at his place.
  • Mixed by: Frankie Hung at freakland


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