The selling stall.

These are the merchandises of Nokia Joey Yung Concert Number 6. They are mainly designed by 5preview. All earnings would be donated to charities.

Number 6 Merchandise


The 5Preview T-shirts had limited with 616 pieces. The Reebok T-shirt had very limited pieces.

  • 5Preview T-shirts (black or white): HK$320/piece.

N6 Travel kit

The N6 travel kit was limitedly sold, including 8 postcards (photos of Joey travelling in Frrance), a Chofy passport, an eye mask, a cosmetic bag, a luggage tag, 6 stickers and 3 bottles.

  • N6 limited travel kit: HK$280/each.


Photo set

There are two sets of concert photos. Each set includes 6 photos.

  • Photo set A/B: HK$120/set.

Set A

Set B


  • 2 different folders: HK$40/2 folders.


  • 3 different posters: HK$50/each.


There was also few albums with Joey's signature sold.

Concert souvenirs

The souvenirs were distributed to audiences only.

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