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This is the fashion credits for the outfits used during Nokia Joey Yung Concert Number 6 in 2010.

Hong Kong

Part1 - The Beginning

Outfit by unknown. Gold crown headpiece by unknown.
Black crown headpiece by unknown. Swallow headpiece by unknown.

Part2 - Childhood

The Carousel Dress and headpiece by Manish Arora.

Part3 - Angels & Demons

Fur jacket by Chanel. Lace headpiece by Victoria Grant. Outfit by Kenneth Chan.
Lace headpiece by Victoria Grant. Outfit by Kenneth Chan.

Part4 - Pain Love

Red outfit by Kenneth Chan. Blue outfit by Stefano Pilati of YSL.

Part5 - Just Dance

Outfit by Kenneth Chan.

Part6 - Landing

Oufit by Kenneth Chan. Guita model Taylor 616.

Part7 - Never End

Water Piece by Iris van Herpen. Outfit by Kenneth Chan.

Part 8

Black T-shirt by 5Preview.

World Tour

There were not many costume changes:

  • Joey cut her hair short after Hong Kong N6, she wore a red wig in "Childhood" and "Angels & Demon" sections, in the first leg.
  • The dancers' outfit is flesh plastic bodysuit instead of snake-pattern bodysuit in "Angels & Demon" section.
  • Her outfit is also changed slightly in the same section.
  • A butterfly headpiece was added in all dates, in "Pain Love" section.
  • She wore a yellow dress in last two legs in this section.
  • Joey changed the outfit in "Landing" for multiple times.
  • She wore the water piece only in Guangzhou and Macau.