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"Not Just A Pretty Face" (美麗在望/Mei lai joi mong) is a Television drama series, broadcast on August 18 to September 12, 2003, in total 20 episodes, directed by 潘嘉德, on Television Broadcast Limited. The theme song of the series is "Becoming Beautiful", sang by Joey Yung and Roger Kwok.


The main characters in this story is leonardo (Roger Kwok) and Peg (Joey Yung). Leonardo is a arrogant jerk who think he is good looking. On the other hand, Peg is totally the opposite, she is very unattractive and fat but she is very nice. Near the end of the episode she turn into a beautiful girl by heaven but in order to keep her beauty, she must find Leonardo a wife in three months. With the help of Leonardo's grandfather who is a spirit from heaven, waiting to reincarnate, can Peg complete the mission in time?


Name Role
Roger Kwok Leonardo/nardo
Joey Yung Peg
Kevin Cheng Wilson
Tiffany Lam Tramy
Victoria Jolly Michelle
Margaret Chung Betty
Belinda Hamnett Amanda


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