903 id club Music is Live: Andy Hui X C AllStar X Joey Yung is a live concert held by Commercial Radio Hong Kong FM903 in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on May 11, 2012. Joey first time cooperated with vocal group C AllStar and male Hong Kong singer Andy Hui, in a separate concert.

Set list

A represents performed by Andy Hui, C represents C AllStar, J represents Joey Yung.

  1. 愛你 (A)
  2. 新預言書 (C)
  3. 這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute (J)
  4. 啜泣 Sob (A x C x J)
  5. Hard to Say I'm Sorry (C)
  6. 別讓小島沈沒 (C)
  7. 2013的約定 (C)
  8. The Blower's Daughter / 怎麼捨得你 (C)
  9. 迷糊情慾對象 (J)
  10. 牆紙 Wallpaper (J)
  11. Lovin' U (J)
  12. 正好 Right Time (J)
  13. 未完的小說 (J)
  14. 心淡 Disheartened (A)
  15. 二人行一日後 (A x J)
  16. 世紀末煙花 (J)
  17. 徹夜纏眠 (A x C x J)
  18. 天梯 (A x C x J)
  19. 逃避你 Run away from You (J)
  20. Timidity (C x J)
  21. 痛愛 Pain Love (A)
  22. 男人最痛 (J)
  23. 沒結果 (A x J)
  24. 讓愛 (C)
  25. 男人的感慨 (A)
  26. 爛泥 (A)
  27. 命硬 (A)
  28. 那些年 (A)
  29. 心靈相通 (A)
  30. 唯獨你是不可取替 (A)
  31. 花千樹 Forest of Flowers (A x J)
  32. 切膚之痛 (C)
  33. 活在當下 (A x C)
  34. 多得他 (A x C x J)
  35. 我們的胡士托 (C)
  36. 空港 Airport (J)
  37. 前程錦繡 (A x C x J)
  38. 我的天我的歌 (A x C x J)




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