Moment is the seventh Mandarin album released by Joey Yung, 3 years after "Very Busy", and 6 years for releasing the album in Taiwan. It was released on July 18th, 2012, in Hong Kong; July 25th, 2012, in Taiwan. The album has invited a lot of new composers and producers, like Kay Huang, Tanya Chua and Wu Tsing-Fong.

The first plugged single of the album is "Right Time", which got great responses from the public, becoming the first Mandarin song charted no.1 in 903 andd received awards. Several songs were released for promotion before the release of the album, like "Vegas is Somewhat Hollywood", "Deserved" and "Excuse Me, I Love You". Later "Smoke and Mirrors" was released as the second single. Then "Greater Vigor" was chosen for the third plug. "The Kite that Chase Kites" was the first duet between Joey and Mag Lam, and was used for the third single in TVB.

Released versions

Hong Kong edition

Moment Cover
  • 2 Mini-posters, one month free trial password,
    "Diva" promotional stickers included;
  • 11-track CD + 2-music-video DVD.
1. "正好 Right Time"   03:30
2. "維加斯有點好萊塢 Vegas is Somewhat Hollywood"   03:19
3. "霧裡看花 Smoke and Mirrors"   04:08
4. "活該 Deserved"   04:34
5. "加大力度 Greater Vigor"   04:15
6. "在時間面前 In Front of the Time"   04:31
7. "Shout"   03:28
8. "不好意思我愛你 Excuse Me, I Love You"   04:33
9. "受害者 Victim"   03:28
10. "給你 For You"   04:20
11. "追風箏的風箏 The Kite that Chase Kites" (Bonus track) 03:50
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iTunes EP

Moment - EP
  • Only available on iTunes;
  • Released before the official album.

Taiwan edition

Moment Cover
  • 1 Mini-poster;
  • 11-track CD + 2-music-video DVD.

Second edition

Moment ver2



Moment TBA


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
正好 Right Time 10/05/2012 1 3 1 4
霧裡看花 Smoke and Mirrors 18/07/2012 2 8 2 ---
追風箏的風箏 The Kite that Chase Kites 25/08/2012 --- --- --- 2
加大力度 Greater Vigor 13/09/2012 1 1 1 2
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



Executive Producers: Ng Yu / Mani Fok  · Marketing and Promotion Director: Ivy Lin

Marketing & Promotion Department (EEG HK): Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang  · Artiste Promotion (EEG HK): Martin Cheng / Purple Ho / Maggie Tse / Alan Chim / Nicole Lee  · Artiste Management (EEG HK): Mani Fok / Oscar Cheung / Matthew Lo / Sandy Wai  · Digital Entertainment Department (EEG HK): Methy Chi / Kin So / Bonnie Lee / O Leung  · A & R Department: Leo Chan / Leong Shek Chi / Liu Chi Wah / Gordan Tsui  · Regional Marketing Promotion Department (EEG HK): Ruby Chan  · Creative & Post - Production (EEG HK): James Lam / Cecilia Kwan / Gaga Wong

CD Mastering Engineer: Tom Coyne@Sterling Sound, NYC  · Sequenced and PMCD: Ar Wil & 肥丘 @Zoo Music Studio

Art direction: SK LAM @AllRightsReserved
Make-up Artist: Arris Law
Styling: RickySham
Wardrobe: Lane Crawford & OnPedder (Alexander McQueen showpiece & suit), Christian Louboutin

Photography direction: Chen Ma
Hair Stylist: Jimmy Chan @Hair Culture
Graphic design: Kenneth Wong @AllRightsReserved
Proofread: Ashley @AllRightsReserved
Copywriter: Monica

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