Metro Radio Joey Yung My Queen Concert (新城容祖兒我的女皇音樂會) is a concert held on March 7, 2010 at the AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena, featuring Joey Yung and fellow artists from Emperor Entertainment Group. There was an online poll for fans to vote for 10 songs which they wanted to be sung at the concert[1].

Set list

  1. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  2. 怯 Timidity
  3. 逃避你 Run away from You
  4. 爭氣 Making Effort
  5. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  6. 為你萬歲 Cheering for You
  7. 雙冠軍 Double Champion
  8. 一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels
  9. 一拍兩散 Instant Breakup (Ken Hung)
  10. 彌敦道 (Ken Hung)
  11. 你好嗎 (Ken Hung)
  12. 差利 (Alex Hung)
  13. 煙霞 Haze (with Alex Hung)
  14. 戰士 (William Chan)
  15. 狐狸小姐 (William Chan)
  16. 今天終於知道錯 (William Chan)
  17. Do you wanna dance (William Chan)
  18. Dance Medley:扭曲/Let's Pop/不速之客 (Sherman Chung)
  19. 好好擁抱 (Sherman Chung)
  20. 80之後 (Sherman Chung)
  21. 給自己的信 The Letter for Myself (with Sherman Chung)
  22. 世界小姐 Miss World
  23. 我所知的兩三事 Couple Things that I Know
  24. 搜神記 In Search of the Deities
  25. 痛愛 Pain Love
  26. 桃色冒險 Peach Adventure
  27. 越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger (with Ken Hung, Alex Hung, William Chan and Sherman Chung)


Home media

Deluxe Edition

  • Released on July 8, 2010[2]
  • Contains 2DVD + 2CD
  • Includes a Concert Photobook

Normal Edition

  • Released on July 8, 2010[3]
  • Contains 2DVD only



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