Manish Arora is an Indian fashion designer based in New Delhi, and is the creative director of the womenswear collection of the French fahion house Paco Rabanne. She is also the designer who designed the Carousel Dress wore by Joey Yung during her Number 6 concert.

Spring/Summer Collection 2009

The Carousel Dress wore in Number 6 concert comes from this collection.

Joey's production team has done a interview with Manish Arora about the Carousel Dress after Joey's concert. The full interview was included in the live products of the concert.

English interview

Could you tell us the concept behind the Carousel Dress and your spring/summer collection 2009 in general? What inspired the carousel dress?
My SS'09 collection was inspired by the circus. The whole collection was designed on these lines. The carousel was one of the most used elements in this collection. I wanted one statement piece in the line, and obviously the Carousel Dress had to be it.

What do you think the carosuel represents?
All the colours and constant changes build up to a whirlwind of fun in the piece. I thnik it represents the simplicity and fun involved in being young at heart.

The audience at the concert was delighted with the costume. As they could see the bottom part of the dress rotate. Was the mechanics of the Carosuel the biggest challenge in making the dress?
Yes. The frame of the dress is made of aluminum and has to be custom cut to fit. Each element is embroidered. The whole fabric on the dress has customized embroidery that's been done in my atelier. The inside of the skirt is full of bearings, nuts and fitting to make the rotation possible.

How did you come up with such a colour combination?
Colours are my forte :) I love playing with new variations of colour combinations in each collection.

What was your impression when you saw Joey wearing the dress?
She's rocking the piece. I was very happy to see the pictures.

Could you talk more about the materials you used. Like the colourful fabric and for the carousel part of the dress?
The embroidery on the whole garment is make of pure silk. The animals on the carousel are made of rubber and Swarovski crystals.

Is there any one colour that you think shouldn't appear on the dress?
Black. The dress is a very light and fun piece. Black would remove this element from the outfit.


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