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"Love in L.A." is a music special by Joey Yung with Hong Kong televising broadcast company TVB. It was premiered in May 11, 2019[1]. It was also served as a promotion of the Pretty Crazy Tour.


As a part of the 20th anniversary of her singing career, Joey travelled to Los Angeles for a leisure trip and also a self-exploration trip. Joey then visited the famous Paramount Studio and reinterpreted 5 songs of her own with a live performing band. Joey did a dance practice with long-time dancing teacher Dacia James. Joey also tried busking and cooking in front of the camera for the first time. Between the scenes, Joey talked about her growth as an artist.

Songs performed

  1. 未知 Not Yet Know
  2. 痛愛 Pain Love
  3. 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  4. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  5. 長大 Grow Up


Home media

Gold CD + Photography Book

Love in LA CD Set.jpeg

The songs performed and recorded were included in a limited gold disc, packaged with a photography book were sold outside Hong Kong Coliseum, during the Pretty Crazy Tour period.

The same package, plus two Pretty Crazy Tour tickets, were sold on Big Big Shop[2] before the concert.


Love in LA SACD.jpg

The songs were also released in high quality SACD format. The made-in-Germany SACD was limited to 600 copies with serial numbers worldwide[3].


Love in LA Vinyl.jpg

Another edition released was a yellow/black coloured vinyl. This edition is limited to 1,000 copies with serial numbers. It was made in Czech Republic[4].


Love in LA CD.jpg

A normal packaged CD version of the album was also released. The made-in-USA CD was released on December 29, 2020[5].