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Love Joey Love Four容祖兒的第四張個人新曲加精選專輯,於2008年1月25日發行。由於當時祖兒正排練即將與行的StarLight演唱會,她沒有拍攝新一輯照片用於此精選。這張精選共收錄了3首新歌和31首舊歌,新歌收錄百老匯廣告歌,"Lucky Star"、"貪嗔癡"和國語版的"陪我長大"。專輯以CD、VCD和DVD的形式發行,VCD和DVD則收錄部份歌曲的音樂錄像帶。而每個版本皆收錄"新城容祖兒唱遊大童好世界演唱會"的錄音或錄像。精選的第二於2009年4月20日發行,不過只收錄新曲加精選,不包括演唱會錄音。

Love Joey Love Four is Joey Yung's fourth compilation (new+old songs), released on 25th January, 2008. As Joey was rehearsing the upcoming StarLight concert, she did not shoot a new set of photo-shoot for the compilation. This compilation included 3 new songs plus 31 old songs. New songs including the Broadway Electronic commercial song, "Lucky Star", "Greed, Anger, Craze" and Mandarin version of "Grow Up with Me". The compilation was released in CD, VCD and DVD formats. In all versions, it included the audio or video recording from ' "Metro Joey Live 2007". The second edition of the compilation was released on 20th April, 2009, which excluded the live recording.

Released versions

First edition

Love Joey Love Four Front Cover.jpg
  • Released on January 25, 2008;
  • Released with "Metro Joey Live 2007" live 2CD;
  • Version with Joey's signature sold on StarLight concert.

Second edition

LoveJoeyLoveFour 2ndEd Box Front.jpg
  • Released on 20th April, 2009;
  • "Metro Joey Live 2007" excluded;
  • Different package (normal CD package).


Joey 2008LoveJoeyLoveFour VCD Front.jpg
  • Released on February 5, 2008;
  • a music videos VCD and a live VCD included;
  • Different cover.


Love Joey Love Four DVD Front Cover.jpg
  • Released on February 5, 2008;
  • a music videos DVD and a live DVD included;
  • Different cover.



Love Joey Love Four TBA


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
Lucky Star (also plugged live from StarLight) 19/01/2008 1 1 3 2
貪嗔癡 Greed, Anger, Craze 06/03/2008 12 1 1 ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producer: Ng Yu, Johnson Lam
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang, Ewin Lee
  • A & R: Leo Chan, Leong Shek Chi, Ronnie Ng, Liu Chi Wah
  • Artiste Promotion: Martin Cheng, Purple Ho, Sammy Fung, Maggie Tse, So Kin Pong
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok, Kitty Cheang, Fontane Sit, Sandy Wai
  • Post-Production: James Lam, Carmen Wu, Teffia Tung
  • Art Direction & Illustration: Tse Chiu Yan (Nakazi)
  • Graphic Design: Ko.j