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Johnnie Walker Keep Walking StarLight Joey Yung Live 08 is Joey Yung's sixth major concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum and third world tour, the venture was a major success gaining positive feedback from fans, musicians, celebrities, DJs, and the media alike; with 14 shows held in Hong Kong and 25 shows altogether worldwide, StarLight Live marks as Joey's biggest concert series/tour as of 2010.


After the success of Sony Ericsson Reflection of Joey's Live 2005, Joey concerned mostly in her personel albums. When the song "Runaway" was released, Joey learned the choregraphy of the song with her famous "tilting" move. And she decided to held a concert series around the song. Joey chose a whole differnet production team, with Carl Wong as the band leader, and even totally differnet backup dancers.


The theme of the concert was "light" because of the association album, Glow. Joey performed a number of dance numbers as well as her famous ballads. The Power Medley, a 20-minute intense dance medley of her fast songs, was well received. The concert spanned over 10 days, proving her popularity as Hong Kong's most popular female singer. The concert was highly praised, and thus led to a Part II of her concert, which spanned over four nights, making StarLight Live 2008 a 14-day concert. In mid February, Joey travelled to New York City to attend dance lessons, in hope of further improving her dancing skills. Joey also sang several official songs for the 2008 Summer Olympics. Her world tour began shortly afterwards, with shows in Malaysia, Canada, the United States, Mainland China, Singapore, and Macau.



The posters are changed due to addtional of shows.

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