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Moov Live (MOOV Live) is a mini concert held by website (Hong Kong's largest online music store). The theme of the concert/live session was to let fans listen to new songs before new album was released.

Joey held the first MOOV Live on June 13, 2009 promoting the Mandarin album, Very Busy, in HKSC multimedia theater. Joey and her fans celebrated her birthday after the concert. The video recording of the live session was included in the album's DVD.

Set list

Joey performed eight new songs from the album and three songs from A Time For Us[1].

  1. Slow Dance
  2. 答案 Answer
  3. 羅馬時差 Time Difference of Rome
  4. 延長賽 The Playoff
  5. 這就是愛嗎? Is this the Love?
  6. 很忙 Very Busy
  7. 烏賊 Spuid
  8. 赤地之戀 Love on the Red Land
  9. 我所知的兩三事 Couple Things that I Know
  10. 可歌可泣 Can Sing Can Cry
  11. 圓謊 Covering Lies

A Closer Look

Joey shot four videos about the album and some songs after the concert. They are also included in the album.


容祖兒A Closer Look 感謝監製

Thanks to Producers


容祖兒A Closer Look 唱出畫面

Sing with the Images


MOOV Live closer look 容祖兒 - 禁煙快歌

"Smoke Banning" Song


容祖兒A Closer Look 愛情有感

Feeling to Love


Joey held another MOOV Live in 2012, on August 30, 2012, in HKSC multimedia theater, promoting her seventh Mandarin album, Moment. However, this time the concert was held after the release of the album. The video recording of the live session was included in the second edition of the album.

Set list

Joey performed the full ten-track album, plus 3 songs from other artists, and 5 songs of herself as encore[2].

  1. 正好 Right Time
  2. 維加斯有點好萊塢 Vegas is Somewhat Hollywood
  3. 霧裡看花 Smoke and Mirrors
  4. 活該 Deserved
  5. 小小蟲 (Khalil Fong cover)
  6. 加大力度 Greater Vigor
  7. 在時間面前 In Front of the Time
  8. 小情歌 (Sodagreen cover)
  9. Shout
  10. 不好意思我愛你 Excuse Me, I Love You
  11. 受害者 Victim
  12. 夜盲症 (Tanya Chua cover)
  13. 給你 For You
  14. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  15. 花千樹 Forest of Flowers
  16. 16號愛人 16th Lover
  17. 獨照 Lonely Portrait
  18. Timidity

A Closer Look

Joey shot five videos about the album and several songs, but not included in the DVD like the first time.


Joey held another Moov live to promote her Cantonese album, Little Day. It was the first Moov live held in Guangzhou. It was also the first show that Joey promoted a Cantonese album. The show was originally planned on September 23, but was rescheduled to September 26, 2013 because of typhoon[3]. The live recording was included in Hopelessly Romantic Collection.

Set list

Unlike the first two shows, Joey only songs from Little Day.

  1. 無電才是災難 No Power is the Disaster
  2. 蟲之家 Home of Worms
  3. 小日子 Little Day
  4. 臨床 Close to Bed
  5. 深閨 Boudoir
  6. 我杯茶 My Cup of Tea
  7. 七不思議 Seven Wonders
  8. 另眼相看 View in a New Light
  9. 天窗 Skylights
  10. 近在咫尺 Close at Hand
  11. 破了的米菲兔 The Broken Miffy
  12. 另眼相看 View in a New Light (Encore)

A Closer Look

Joey shot 4 videos about the album and several songs.