Joey Yung Cantonese Collection (容祖兒廣東精選) is a compilation album of Joey Yung released in Super Audio CD form. The songs were remastered to be higher quality. The cover art is the same as the digital single of "Skylights" (solo version). Notably, the track listing is identical to Joey Yung Collection (HQCDII).

Track listing

  1. 心淡 Disheartened
  2. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup
  3. 逃避你 Runaway from You
  4. 痛愛 Pain Love
  5. 想得太遠 Thinking Too Far
  6. 明日恩典 Tomorrow's Grace
  7. 16號愛人 16th Lover
  8. 心病 Secret Trouble
  9. 這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute
  10. 蜃樓 Mirage
  11. 我也不想這樣 I Don't Want it that Way Either
  12. 啜泣 Sob
  13. 一拍兩散 Instant Breakup
  14. 借過 Excuse Me
  15. 世上只有 Only You in the World


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