Joey Yung Best Selection (容祖兒 精選) is a compilation album of Joey Yung released in LPCD45 II form. The songs were remastered to be higher quality. The cover art used the same photo as the digital single of "Skylights" (duet version). It was limited to 1000 copies distributed worldwide.

Track listing

  1. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  2. 爭氣 Making Effort
  3. 痛愛 Pain Love
  4. Timidity
  5. 抱抱 Hug Hug
  6. 啜泣 Sob
  7. 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  8. 告解 Confession
  9. 阿門 Amen
  10. 逃避你 Runaway from You
  11. 誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me
  12. 這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute
  13. 明日恩典 Tomorrow's Grace
  14. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup
  15. 心淡 Disheartened
  16. 小天使 Little Angel


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