Joey Ten容祖兒JoeyTen 10th Anniversary Project的一張重要EP, 於2010年1月29日發行。為了紀念祖兒入行十週年,祖兒特意拍攝了十個不同造型,表達了祖兒十種不同的形象。不過,這隻EP只發行了九個不同造型的封面,因為其中一個造型已經於Joey Yung Perfect 10 Live 2009影音產品出現。此外,Boxset版亦於同一日發行,全球限量二千套,內容包含更多富紀念性的物件及一隻粉紅色或白色的ChofyUSB。至於碟內歌曲"雙冠軍"和"桃色冒險"亦十分受注目,"桃色冒險"更是繼""和"跑步機上",祖兒又一首的難忘快歌。歌曲"世界小姐"亦是第一次與周國賢合作。祖兒更透露歌曲"一直看見天使"是十周年歌曲,歌詞表達了她這十年的心情,歌曲尾段更有多位祖兒好友和音。還有歌曲"Just For You"是改編自她師父羅文的同名歌曲。

Joey Ten is the main EP of Joey Yung's JoeyTen 10th Anniversary Project. It is an EP and released on 29th January, 2010. To commemorate the tenth anniversary of Joey's debut, she had shot 10 looks to present 10 different kinds of Joey. However, only 9 covers of the EP were released as one of them is used in Joey Yung Perfect 10 Live 2009 and the DVD products. Besides, the boxset version was released on the same day, limited of 2,000 copies worldwide, and it contains more memorizing things with a pink or white Chofy USB. As for the songs in the album, "Double Champion" and "Peach Adventure", are famous too. "Peach Adventure" is also a representative dance song after "Runaway" and "On running machine". Besides, Joey cooperated with Endy Chow for the song "Miss World" for the first time. Joey said the song "Always Seeing the Angels" is the song of tenth anniversary as the lyrics expressed her feeling in these decade, Joey's friend also have done harmony in the ending of the song. The song "Just For You" is adapted from a same-titled song by Roman Tam.

Album extensions

  • The nine looks of the EP means 9 different characters of Joey. For the meanings and the fashion credits, please visit this page.

Released versions

Limited Collector's EP edition

20100106 fd69a647de1cd7b0b194STJMyb6jfbo7.jpg
  • It was released with 9 different covers.
  • The EPs included CD+DVD and differnet comics and photo albums for each cover.
1. "桃色冒險 Peach Adventure" (2009 AGS X OGS theme song) 04:35
2. "雙冠軍 Double Champion" (Boardway commercial song) 03:52
3. "世界小姐 Miss World"   03:26
4. "一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels"   04:34
5. "Just For You"   03:43
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Limited Boxset edition

  • It was released on the same day of the EP version.
  • It is a limited editon of 2,000 copies worldwide only.
  • It released with a differnet cover.
  • This boxset includes:
    • The Joey Ten EP with bonus DVD;
    • 200 pages of Treasure The Moments commemorative book;
    • 80 pages of Kaleidoscopic Joey photo album;
    • Joey Ten comic book;
    • A thank you card, 2 stickers and a poster;
    • The Chofy bookmark;
    • The 4GB Chofy USB. (Buyers would get either a pink or white version of the USB.)

Final Version

JoeyTen EP Final Box Front.jpg
  • It was released on 12th Feruary, 2010.
  • It released with a differnet cover and packing of the EP version.
  • This version also included 10 stickers.
  • The bonus DVD included 2 more music videos.



Joey Ten Double Platinum (> 30,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
雙冠軍 Double Champion 26/10/2009 1 1 1 1
桃色冒險 Peach Adventure 18/12/2009 1 3


一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels 10/03/2010 18 15 4 1
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



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