Joey & Joey容祖兒的第十九張個人廣東專輯,是繼A Time For Us之後相隔兩年的大碟,於2011年9月23日發行,更以兩種封面和"特製Zig-Zag立體盒面.一體兩面Illusion Box"發行[1]。是次祖兒找了許多從未合作過的作曲人為她寫歌,例如歌手恭碩良方皓玟方大同。這次亦是首次祖兒為碟中歌曲拍最多音樂錄像帶的一次,總共九首歌拍了音樂錄像帶。


Joey & Joey is Joey Yung's ninteenth personal Cantonese album, released on 23rd September, 2011 with two versions of different covers and special "Zig-Zag Illusion Box". Joey has first cooporated with various composers in the album, including singers Jun Kung, Charmaine Fong and Khalil Fong. The album has been marked as Joey's first album with most music videos shot, 9 in total.

The promotional single of the album, "Emotional", which was the TV commercial song of Boardway Electronics, debuted in the beginning of the year and received awards. Later Joey took a rest and went travelling. The first plug, "Thirteenth o'clock", debuted and got great result in the four media organisations, after five months of the debut of the promotional single. "Forest of Flowers", the second plug also received great response from public. The Khalil-composed song, "Wallpaper", has been the third plug of the album. It got great result, especially in 903, better than "Forest of Flowers". Surprisingly, after "Wallpaper" had reached 903's chart's top, "Momoe Yamaguchi" was pluuged.


Joey&Joey Poster
After the debut of the first two plugs, Joey revealed details of the album. She said the album would talk about feelings of being a Gemini, the songs would around the theme of relax and sanction.
On August 15, 2011, Joey posted a photo showing the album artwork. It was seen her wearing a "Paris" modified headpiece designed by Ashanti Jason (Adorngirl Piers Atkinson) from the collection "From Paris With Love"[2]. However, it was not used for the covers of the album. On August 18, 2011, Joey posted a photo Edward Chan in the studio on her weibo. She said she was the recording the ninth song of the album with Edward[3].
容祖兒 最新廣東大碟 Joey & Joey TVC

容祖兒 最新廣東大碟 Joey & Joey TVC

TV commercial.

On August 23, 2011, Joey posted a scenery photo and revealed the album tile Joey & Joey on weibo[4]. On August 25, 2011, Joey posted a photo recording the tenth song of the album and revealed the song title, "Mosaic" which lyrics are written by Chow Yiu Fai[5][6].

The official cover and tracklist was announced on September 15, 2011, welcoming release of the 11-track-album with five music videos. On October 4, 2011, it was announced that the albums has reached more than 30,000 sales, certificated double platinum[7].

Writing and Composition

A typical Gemini, Joey is blessed with ambiversion: she is equally extroverted and introverted. Here she demonstrates the multiple facets of her personality, each time through the unmistakable voice of the genuine Joey.

—Description of the album

The promotional single of the album is "Emotional", debuted on January 3, 2011. It was the theme song of TV commercial of Broadway Electronic.
The first plug of the album is "Thirteenth o'clock", debuted on June 13, 2011. It was the theme song of TV commercial of Broadway Electronic. The light-beated song , hoping fans can regain optimism because of good weather.
The second plug of the album is "Forest of Flowers"was debuted on August 10, 2011. It received great response from the public. However, some people on Internet doubted the song has copied a old song sang by Steven Ma. But later the composers of the songs proved the record was original and composed by themselved. On August 17, 2011, Joey posted a photo on weibo and explained the idea of the song. We always said the metaphor about not to give up the whole forest because of a flower. However, we always miss the best one after we picked a lot.[8]. The music video of the Cantonese and Mandarin version (i.e. The Last Lover) of the song was shot in Taipei on August 20 & 21, 2011.
The third plug of the album, "Wallpaper" is written by Khalil Fong and Wyman Wong, using the metaphor of wallpaper as secret crush. Decorative wallpaper symbolizes those who get secret cursh are waiting in silence. But love is like wallpaper, one day will fade, the only hope is that the other can treasure the love before it peel off. Life is short, treasure the things we have now, that is, the happy life that want to be expressed through Joey & Joey.[1] The song was debuted on October 13, 2011. Before that, there was argument whether "Mayfly" or this song should be the third plug as both of them are radio-friendly.

Released versions

Special edition

J&J Cover2
  • Released with double covers;
  • "Zig-Zag Illusion Box";
  • Mini-poster, special photo album, one month free trial password;
  • 11-track CD + 5-music-video DVD.
1. "蜉蝣 Mayfly"   04:05
2. "13點 Thirteenth o'clock" (Broadway Electronic TV cm song) 04:05
3. "戀人未滿 Not Yet Lovers"   03:37
4. "澎湃 Emotional" (Broadway Electronic TV cm song) 04:13
5. "花千樹 Forest of Flowers"   03:20
6. "垂涎 Coveting"   04:07
7. "馬賽克 Mosaic"   03:20
8. "牆紙 Wallpaper"   04:15
9. "疒孟 Frustrated"   02:57
10. "山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi"   05:33
11. "最後情人 The Last Lover" (Mandarin ver. of "Forest of Flowers") 03:20
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Normal version

  • Released on October 14, 2011;
  • Releasd due to out of stock of Special edition, which are hand made that people to stick the cover on the zig-zag shaped box and time consuming;
  • Different cover and package;
  • Same content with special edition.

Music Video Collections

  • Released on March 30, 2012;
  • Named "Joey & Joey: the Music Video Collections of Twenty-Eleven".



Joey & Joey Double Platinum (> 30,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
澎湃 Emotional 03/01/2011 11 --- 2 2
13點 Thirteenth o'clock 13/06/2011 4 1 1 1
花千樹 Forest of Flowers 10/08/2011 1 1 1 1
牆紙 Wallpaper 13/10/2011 1 1 1 1
最後情人 The Last Lover 24/11/2011 --- --- --- ---
山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi 15/12/2011 10 --- --- ---
蜉蝣 Mayfly 08/03/2012 --- 1 2 ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



Executive Producers: Ng Yu / Mani Fok
Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang
Artiste Promotion: Martin Cheng / Purple Ho / Maggie Tse / Alan Chim / Nicole Lee
Artiste Management: Mani Fok / Oscar Cheung / Kitty Cheang / Ada Wong / Matthew Lo / Sandy Wai
EEG Artiste Management Division (Tel: 2835 6688)
A & R: Leo Chan / Leong Shek Chi / Liu Chi Wah / Gordan Tsui
Digital Entertainment Department: Methy Chi / Kin So / Bonnie Lee / O Leung
Post-Production: James Lam / Cecilia Kwan / Gaga Wong
Personal Assistant: Suki Chan

Masterminded by: JY
Mastered by: Tom Coyne@Sterling Sound, NYC
Sequenced and PMCD by: 肥丘, 舒文@Zoo Music Studio

Package concept: AllRightsReserved
Creative Direction: SK Lam@AllRightsReserved
Art Direction: Yan Ho, Mavis Chan@AllRightsReserved
Design: Antony@AllRightsReserved
Photography: KAON@R Workshop
Stylist: LS
Hair Stylist: Heibie Mok@hair culture group
Makeup: Arris law
Wardrobe special thanks to: Chanel / Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacob / Piers Atkinson / Vivienne Westwood
Special Thanks: Wyman Wong, TC, Broadway Electronic,