This is the set list for the Hacken Lee & Joey Yung Live in Hong Kong 2015.

Hong Kong

All songs were performed duet with Hacken, except those noted below.
  1. Overture (contains elements of "我不會唱歌" and "Grand on Stage", with voice over by Jan Lamb)
  2. 未知 Not Yet Know
  3. 請你早睡早起
  4. 神魂顛倒 Head Over Heels
  5. Runaway
  6. 嘭門
  7. Runaway (Reprise) (Joey solo)
  8. Story Telling Interlude (voice over by Jan Lamb)
  9. 一拍兩散 Instant Breakup / 罪人
  10. 偷偷摸摸
  11. 16號愛人 16th Lover
  12. 我不會唱歌 (Joey solo)
  13. 破相 Disfigured (Hacken solo)
  14. Story Telling Interlude (voice over by Jan Lamb)
  15. 這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far (Joey solo)
  16. 心淡 Disheartened
  17. 情非首爾 (with excerpts of "Run away from You")
  18. 愛不釋手
  19. 天窗 Skylights
  20. Story Telling Interlude (voice over by Jan Lamb)
  21. Mad About You (Joey solo)
  22. 分身術 Splitting Bodies (Joey solo)
  23. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup (Joey solo)
  24. 飛花 (Joey solo)
  25. 爭氣 Making Effort (Joey solo)
  26. 寂寞夜晚 (Sept 11) (Hacken solo)
  27. 月半小夜曲 (Sept 12-22) (Hacken solo)
  28. 你最重要 (Hacken solo)
  29. 痛愛 Pain Love (Hacken solo)
  30. 大會堂演奏廳 (Hacken solo)
  31. Dancer Interlude (contains elements of "Little")
  32. Story Telling Interlude (voice over by Jan Lamb)
  33. 緣份 (Sept 11, 12)
  34. 相愛很難 (Sept 13-22)
  35. 世界真細小 The World is Really Small
  36. 愛一個人
  37. 合久必婚
  38. 紙牌屋
  39. Outro (contains elements of "愛不釋手", "Disfigured" and "大會堂演奏廳")
  40. Medley: 空港 Airport / 夏日之神話 / 心花怒放 Joyful / 護花使者 / 隆重登場 Grand on Stage / 紅日
  41. Encore
  42. 刻不容緩 Cannot Delay
Show Encore songs
1st 藍月亮 (J) Timidity (H) Special Guest (J) 高妹/高妹正傳
2nd 眷戀 (H) The Queen (J) 深深深 (H) Thinking Too Much (J) In Search of the Deities (H) 妳是我的太陽 (J)
3rd The Queen (J) 一生不變 (H) Hug Hug (J) 依然相愛 Timidity (J)
4th The Queen (J) 回首 (H) 高妹/高妹正傳 深深深 (H) Drama Series (J)
5th 只想您會意 (H) Beautiful Encounter (J) 一生不變 (H) Amen (J) 舊歡如夢 (H) 依然相愛
6th Drama Series (J) 一個人飛 (H) Forest of Flowers (J) 深深深 (H)
7th 高妹/高妹正傳 My Pride (J) 告别校園時 (H) Timidity (J) 深深深 (H) Hug Hug (J) 一生不變 (H)
8th Lonely Portrait (J) 一生想您 (H) Only You in the World (J) 妳是我的太陽 (H) 愛情陷阱
(with Alan Tam)
The Queen (J) 一生不變 (H)
9th Love You More in This Minute (J) 告别校園時 (H) Timidity (J) 深深深 (H) The Queen (J)
10th The Queen (J) 一千零一夜 (H) 富士山下 (H) One Love, One Lesson (J)
11th Wallpaper (J) 好戲之人(H) In Search of the Deities (J) 一千零一夜 (H) The Queen (J) 深深深 (H) Timidity (J) 一生不變 (H)
12th The Queen (J) 高妹/高妹正傳 Forest of Flowers (J) 告别校園時 (H) Timidity (J) 深深深 (H) 沒有妳,贏了世界又如何 (H)
依然相愛 My Pride (J) 只想您會意 (H) 舊歡如夢 (H) 萬千寵愛在一身 Special Guest (J) Sob (H) 緣份
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