J-POP》,原名《Urban Pop》[1],是容祖兒的第二十二張個人廣東專輯,是第一張只有八首新歌的專輯。專輯的錄音過程早於2014年開展,但最終亦於2016年6月23日發行,iTunes數位版就於一星期前提早發佈。


"J-POP" (originally named "Urban Pop"[1]) is Joey Yung's twenty-first Cantonese album, three years after the last one "Little Day". The eight-song album was released on June 23, 2016, while the iTunes version was released one week earlier.

The whole album was produced by Alex Fung, Joey's friend and famous singer-producer. Its theme is to provide positive energy, and to encourage Hong Kong people.


For this album, Joey wanted to release a bunch of singles before releasing the album.

This was the first time Joey released an album digitally first, instead of having the physical albums on stock on the same day.

This album was also awarded as Ultimate Best Album in Ultimate Song Chart Awards Presentation, which was the first and only time Joey received this award.


Singles History

At the final night of the Hong Kong leg of the JYxHL concert, "Evening Jukebox" was released on digital platforms without any announcement ahead. One day later, a lyric video was released on her channel[2]. The public was surprised by the sudden release, the genre and the theme of the song. Although it ended up not being very popular, the Jan Lamb featured song was still mostly praised.

In December 2015, Joey released another song, "Gotta Get High". At this point, they had targeted on cheering up Hong Kong people as the theme of the album, thus the release of upbeat songs. The music video was shot at Last Vegas at Christmas 2014[3], during the American stop of her Concert 1314 tour.

Joey invited Korean musicians, music video director and choreographers for her next plug, "Available". The song was heavily inspired by Korean pop songs. The Wyman Wong penned single received three number 1s in major Hong Kong media platforms.

Before the album's release, Joey released one more single, "Nobody Knows a Gemini". Contrary to the three upbeat or mid-tempo songs released, this one is a classic Cantopop ballad. Joey collaborated with new musician, Cousin Fung for the first time. Long time friend, lyricist Wyman Wong once again wrote the song specifically for Joey, describing the personalities and feelings of a Gemini. The song also received three number 1s in major Hong Kong media platforms.

"Non-Matching Socks" was released after the album release. It gained a nice momentum and received two number 1s. However it did not have a music video treatment, due to Joey being busy on the JYxHL tour. "New Love" and "Player" were also released briefly. They failed to chart due to little to no promotion.

Track listing

Digital edition

J-POP Cover
  • Released on June 16, 2016
1. "Coffee or?"   00:22
2. "黃昏點唱機 Evening Jukebox" (featuring Jan Lamb) 03:22
3. "Gotta Get High"   03:11
4. "Gimme a Call"   00:40
5. "我好得閒 Available"   03:05
6. "新貴 New Love"   04:21
7. "無人知道雙子座 Nobody Knows a Gemini"   03:30
8. "玩家 Player"   03:41
9. "鴛鴦襪 Non-Matching Socks"   03:20
10. "Flippin'"   00:27
11. "閃光彈 Flashbang"   03:06
12. "呢度‧依然係"   00:58
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Physical edition

J-POP Cover
  • Released on June 23, 2016;
  • Includes a bonus DVD;
  • Has stickers for fans to decorate the album.





Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
黃昏點唱機 Evening Jukebox (feat. Jan Lamb) 22/09/2015 1 19 --- 2
Gotta Get High 04/12/2015 6 1 3 2
我好得閒 Available 05/02/2016 1 1 1 2
無人知道雙子座 Nobody Knows a Gemini 04/05/2016 1 1 1 3
鴛鴦襪 Non-Matching Socks 18/07/2016 1 1 3 ---
玩家 Player 17/10/2016 15 --- --- ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producers: Ng Yu / Mani Fok
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang
  • Artiste Promotion: Purple Ho / Wong Wai Chun / Maggie Tse / Mary Ma / Dore Fong / Irene Leung / Louis Chan
  • Digital Entertainment Department: Ivy Lin / Bonnie Lee / Ruby Chan / Eliza Li / Fiona To
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok / Roger Lui / Sally Lum / Matthew Lo / Sandy Wai
  • A&R: Leo Chan / Liu Chi Wah / Gordan Tsui
  • Post-Production: James Lam / Cecilia Kwan / Diz Law
  • Album mastered by: Simon Li at n0iz
  • Art Director: Joel Chu@communion w
  • Designer: Maggie Wong@communion w
  • Photographer: Jacky Chee@CHEEZ PHOTO WORKSHOP
  • Hair Chief Director: Billy Choi@Hair Culture
  • Make-up Artist: Hubei Har
  • Styling: queenieyu
  • Stying co-ordination: woodieb
  • Wardrobe: Dolce & Gabbana / Harvey Nichols / House of Holland / I.T / Lane Crawford / Luisaviaroma / Nanosecc / Stella McCartney / Valentino
  • Shoes & Accessories: Charlotte Olympia / Oncestyle / On Pedder / Giuseppe Zanotti / 10thshop
  • Special Thanks: Oasis


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