Glow容祖兒的第十二張個人廣東專輯,於2007年11月1日發行,亦是Johnnie Walker Keep Walking StarLight Joey Yung Live 08的主題大碟。首支主打歌""更為祖兒開創了歌曲和跳舞上的新發展,只因祖兒於多個公開表演中,都表演了傾斜45度,十分出乎意料,亦鞏固了祖兒更跳舞上的發展。祖兒更透露StarLight Joey Yung Live 08更是圍繞這歌去作構思。其它主打歌曲,"零時零分"、"陪我長大"亦很受大眾歡迎。

Glow is Joey Yung's twelfth personal cantonese studio album, released on 1st November, 2007, also was Johnnie Walker Keep Walking StarLight Joey Yung Live 08 's theme album. First plugged song, "Runaway" also lets Joey got new development on singing and dancing. When Joey performed this song in public, she would perform with 45 degree tilt, this amazed people and steady Joey's dancing development. Joey also revealed that StarLight Joey Yung Live 08 was made around this song. Other plugged songs, "Dawn" and "Grow Up with Me" were also welcomed by public.

Released version

First edition

Joey Glow Booklet Front
  • Released with a CD and a bonus DVD;
  • DVD included 2 music videos.
1. "Runaway" (Boardway Electronics commercial song) 03:29
2. "很忘 Forgotten"   04:24
3. "零時零分 Dawn" (Neway commercial song) 04:15
4. "密友 Close Friend" (TVB drama On the First Beat ending song) 03:37
5. "暖光 Warm light"   04:01
6. "Glow"   03:33
7. "床前無月光 No Revelation of the Moon"   04:07
8. "解語花 Riddle Flower" (Korean drama 黃真伊 theme song) 03:19
9. "陪我長大 Grow Up with Me" (MTR commercial song) 03:28
10. "渴望晨曦的女孩 The Girl who Wishes for Dawn" (Mioggi commercial song) 04:21
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Mainland China edition

Joey Glow Booklet Front

Reissued edition

Glow Reisuue
  • Released on December 23, 2013;
  • Only tracks from original CD included.



Glow Platinum (> 30,000)


Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
Runaway 28/07/2007 1 2 1 1
零時零分 Dawn 29/09/2007 1 1 1 1
陪我長大 Grow Up with Me 08/12/2007 7 1 1 1
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



Executive Producer: Ng Yu/ Johnson Lam

Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang/ Ewin Lee
A & R: Leo Chan/ Leong Shek Chi/ Ronnie Ng/ Liu Chi Wah
Artiste Promotion: Martin Cheng/ Purple Ho/ Sammy Fung/ Maggie Tse/ So Kin Pong
Artistie Management: Mani Fok/ Kitty Cheang/ Sally Lum/ Fontane Sit/ Sandy Wai
Post-Production: James Lam/ Carmen Wu/ Teffia Tung
EEG Artiste Management Division (Tel: 2835 6688)

CD Mastering: Franke Hung at Air Studio

Album concept: Joey Yung
Art Direction: Tse Chui Yan
Graphic Design: F.A.
Illustration: Nakazi
Photography: Harlim
Stylist: Tomas Chan
Hair Stylist: Billy Choi (Hair Culture)
Make-up Artist: Arris Law
Special Thanks: Boardway Electronics/ Fujifilm/ MTR

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