This is the list of films and TV dramas featuring Joey Yung.


Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
1999 The Accident 心猿意馬 Guest star
2000 Winner Takes All 大贏家 Paulina Wu
2001 Feel 100% II 百分百感覺II
2001 Expect a Miracle 蘋果咬一口
2001 My Schoolmate, the Barbarian 我的野蠻同學
2002 Demi-Haunted 魂魄唔齊 紫雲飛 Tsi Wan-fei
2003 The Medallion 飛龍再生 Guest star (delected)
2004 樂一通反鬥甘特工隊 Cantonese dub
2004 Titanic 鐵達尼號 露絲 Rose Cantonese dub
2004 The Attractuve One 身驕肉貴 呂柔
2005 Crazy n' The City 神經俠侶 廖得男 Liu Tak-nam
2010 Toy Story 3 反斗奇兵3 翠絲 Jessie Cantonese dub
2010 The Jade and the Pearl 翡翠明珠 祝三娘 Chuk Sam-neung
2011 Diva 華麗之後 嚴靖怡 J

Television dramas

Year English title Chinese title Role Notes
2000 The Green Hope 新鮮人 韋文 Wai Man
2003 Not Just A Pretty Face 美麗在望 鄔文萃 Wu Man-sui
2004 Sunshine Heartbeat 赤沙印記@四葉草.2 吉卜賽女郎 Guest star
2004 Supreme Fate 富豪海灣至尊家緣 容卓妍 Guest star
2004 Kung Fu Soccer 功夫足球 王小妹 Wong Siu-mui
2007 On the First Beat 學警出更 張念恩 Cheung Nim-yan
2009 Stage of Youth 青春舞台 Rainie Yang
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