Edward Chan (陳浩然) is a famous Hong Kong song writer and producer coopearted with many Chinese artists and singers. Despite writing songs for Joey Yung, he was also musical director of several shows.

Work with Joey


"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.

Song Album Composer Lyricist Responsibility
情歌的情歌 Love Song of the Love Songs Ten Most Wanted James Ting Wyman Wong A
用一千雙手臂擁抱你 Use a Thousand Arms to Hug You Jump Up Chow Yiu Fai
舞動 Dance EEG Best TV Drama & Movie Theme Songs[1][2] Edward Chan N/A C.A.P
星圖 Star Picture Joey Ten Edward Chan,
Charles Lee
Siu Hak C.A.P
牆紙 Wallpaper Joey & Joey Khalil Fong Wyman Wong A.P
活該 Deserved Moment Khalil Fong A.P
受害者 Victim Tanya Chua Luke "B.T." Tsui

Musical Director


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