Double Champion (song)

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"Double Champion" (雙冠軍) is the second track and the first plug of Joey Yung's EP, Joey Ten. The song is also the 17th of four stations 1st. It is also the TV commercial theme song of Boardway Electronics. It is a classic love song of Joey. When Joey was filming the TV commercial of Boardway Electronics, she also filmed the music video of the song. The song became famous as many people sang it in the karaoke.

Music Video

容祖兒 - 雙冠軍MV
容祖兒 - 雙冠軍MV


人人都講 即管相愛只要愛 永不怕難題
為何今天 終於跟你全力在維繫
既未變心 亦無越軌應廝守半世
何以事變 不依最初設計

同床的 所相信的不似你像 兩股氣勢
憑情感 可不可以將信仰 融合於一體
只要認錯 犯錯不是問題 誰這樣說的未明瞭實際

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
我永遠愛你亦不可以 放棄思想 去贊同你見解 胸襟
很少糾紛夠豁達容納兩人 有雙冠軍

傳來新聞 出兵開戰得你說 會解困扶危
全球升溫 傷不到你談論亦無謂
聽著這種口吻 如何扮附和同意
就算極愛 不可強忍到底

明明知斗膽脫口反駁你 逐句都統計
猶如將夭心夭肺的芥蒂 培殖於心底
今次讓你 又有幾樣後遺
曾試著了解 十年全白費

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
永遠無法制止 相爭 叫愛情太傷感
很多東西 那價值雖被愛人 澈底軟禁

我永遠愛你但我未能 投降 讓步 答允
我永遠愛你亦不可以 放棄思想 去贊同你見解 胸襟
很少糾紛有勝負讓我們 有雙冠軍



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
雙冠軍 Double Champion 26/10/2009 1 1 1 1



  • Arrangement, keyboards, synthesizers, programming by: Gary Tong
  • Guitars by: Wong Chung Yin
  • Bass by: Ho Chun Kit
  • Drums by: Davy Chan
  • All vocals by: Joey Yung
  • Addtional backing vocals by: Patrick Lui


  • Music recorded by: Gary Tong and Kin Lui at gt studio
  • Drums recorded by: Ken Au, aroom studio
  • Mixed by: Simon Li, noiz


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