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"Diva" (Cantonese: DIVA 華麗之後) is a 2012 Hong Kong film directed by Heiward Mak. The film was produced by Chapman To. It stars Joey Yung, Chapman To, Hu Ge and Mag Lam and was theatrically released on August 16, 2012 (October 19, 2012 in Taiwan).


The story begins on a flash back of a singing competition ten years ago (resembles Joey Ten), with J (by Yung) crying and running to the dressing room. Man (by To) saw and comfort her. He praised her singing and decided to work together in the future. It quickly goes to ten years later, featuring a speech said by J in her concert about how the "cold water" splashed by haters will make her stronger (video footage taken from Joey at Concert Number 6).

The time quickly changes again, back to a week before the concert. J and Man are seen in a salon. Man sees a Weibo by Ah Gung (by William So) showing a photo of an unique show piece by Iris van Herpen. Man steals J's phone and types "Thank You" in response to Ah Gung's Weibo. Fi (by Fiona Sit), who originally gets the piece, calls and blames Ah Gung on that. He calls J and Man ignores it. Man's phone is ringing, talking about a young girl who wants to be a singer. She then appears in the salon, but Man still does not let her to be a singer. The girl then leaves. Man's phone is ringing again, a call from Ah Gung, Man admits that the Weibo was sent by him and calls Ah Gung out for a lunch. In the lunch, Man introduces a young boy to Ah Gung, plus seven hundreds and sixty thousands dollars, in an exchange for the piece. He receives the cheque.

J is rehearsing her concert. When she goes back to the dressing room, she discovers the piece and rejects wearing that. Man talks to him about how her fans will feel disappointed and gives her a speech when she wears the piece on stage. The show is about to start. Fi comes to the dressing room and takes a look of the piece. She leaves with wishing J good show. The concert starts (feature backstage and onstage videos from Joey at Concert Number 6). At the end of the show, J wears the piece onstage. Fi blames and slaps Man in the backstage.

J walks into a room full of her concert outfits with high heels. She walks near the piece and nearly breaks it by stepping on it. She fails. She cries while hugging the piece on the ground.

The scene then changes to a bar where Lok (by Chan Ka-lok) and Red (by Lam) appear. Red is late for her show in the bar. She sings a cover of "You Say You Love Me" and leaves the bar with her boyfriend Lok.

Man is in a jewelry shop. J and her assistant, Mani (by Xian Se-Li) arrive later. She tries on a diamond necklace, Man introduces a director to J and wants her to shoot a movie. She rejects by saying she is "Poison of Box Office", but later agrees. She arrives Mainland China and meets Nam (by Wilfred Lau), a driver for J's trip in mainland China.

Red and Lok live together. Lok is waking up and going to school. Red catches him and does not let him go. They flirt and kiss and Lok is out.

J arrives the venue of her next performance, surrounded by a lot of journalists. She meets a worker and sign for his daughter.

Man is watching Red's performance video on the Internet. Lok is running to a singing competition which Red is going to perform. She sings "Like Love Songs". They leave after that by motorcycle.

J is waiting for her rehearsal. She complains the singer who is rehearsing despite the fact that she was late. The worker who got the signing from J falls down from the high building structure. J rushes and wants to see whether he is okay or not, but Mani and Nam pull her off the venue. J's phone is ringing, a call from Man. She instantly asks about the worker. Man says he is okay. J says she wants to visit him, but Man ignores and asks if she wants him to come to her hotel. Although she rejects, he comes. J takes a bath and tries to drown after Man has left, but she cannot. She is ready to be onstage again. Unexpectedly, she cannot sing and the show has to be cut off. Man receives the news, he calls a doctor for her. J looks so bored and she cannot do anything except dancing around in her hotel room. She leaves the hotel secretly with Nam. He brings her to a place for massage and meets Ming (by Hu). He is blind. After his service, J's voice is recovered.

Red is dressing in a Snow White outfit, singing in a shopping centre for children. Man comes to find her and wants to sign her. Red backs home and discusses with Lok. he lets her do it.

J keeps doing massage with Ming and they fell in love. Ming teaches her how to test if she is happy or not. She then crys.

Red comes to Man's office. She tells him her requirements to be his artist. He tells him how J succeed under his condition. Red accepts it and be a singer.

J and Ming go to a forest at night. J falls in a hole on the ground. ming rescues her and they sit next to a river. She tries to go farther but she drowns. Ming rescues her again. He tells her his story of being a diver when he was young. He dived too much, caused him to be blind forever.

Red, Lok and friends are having hotpot. Lok discovers someone is filming them since Red is a famous singer now. He brings her leave the place.

Man is going to a studio to meet a director (by Matt Chow) and he is making out with a girl. Later Man discovers she is the girl who went to the salon. Director tells him he has a movie and wants J to have a role in it. Man agrees and leaves.

J is shooting a commercial of SensaCools. Man comes to visit her and talks about the plan of the movie. She agrees on that.

Lok is at home cooking. He receives a call from Red about she will be late home because she is recording songs. She does it until the next day. When Lok wakes up, he sees a message on Red's phone from the song producer and a photo of them online. Red wakes up and says sorry to him, but he is really angry and jealous and says "Don't meet forever!". She cannot accepts it and leaves. Red is surrounded by a lot of journalists. They ask her is she arguing with her boyfriend. Lok's friends are watching a video of the night when they had the hotpot. He gets angry and nearly fight with a customer. Miss Dan (by Kara Hui) stops him and warns him this must happen when Red becomes famous.

Man asks Mani what did J do since she always goes to mainland China only for "holidays". He calls her and orders her to come back. She rejects because she wants to take a break. Man gets angry and breaks her photo in his office.

The scene is inter-exchanging between J's rehearsal and performance of a concert in mainland China, J and Ming having fun when doing massage, Red being tired when doing a lot of work in singing and Lok's work in the bar.

Red, dressing sexily, backs to recording studio after a event. The producer tries to rape her. Man calls him. He lets her go and says sorry because he misunderstood her since she dressed sexily. Man arrives and comforts Red. Lok passes by and attacks Man. Red stops him. They go back home. Lok comforts and says sorry to Red.

Red is attending an event in a shopping centre and about to sing. J comes to support her. Red sings "Are U Okay?" in tears while thinks back the memories between her and Lok. In the backstage, J comforts Red and tells her she will get used to the heavy pressure of being a public figure. They take a photo together and knows that her phone was given by Man. Red meets Man. She asks him how could he rescue her from being raped if the whole issue was not done by him. She also blames him causing she and Lok to break-up.

Ming is doing a massage. He hears an interview done by J in the television. J told the interviewer that she wanted a normal love. He knows that she is a celebrity. They meet again in a swimming pool. He accidentally falls into the pool and blames her about he is not suitable for a "normal love". She goes down the pool and They hug together. After back to hotel, Man says sorry for disturbing Ming. He calls J for a meeting in her hotel room. J blames him why she cannot date people like normal people do. He fights back by saying he never asks her to do anything she did not want. He only wants her not to date a blind guy. J says he only sees her as a product. He says she will be nothing if they never cooperate. She says she is a human. He says, "Sorry. You're not a human. You are a DIVA." and leaves. J collapses.

The scene is inter-exchanging between J and Red going to different studios, J singing "Diva" in a bird cage on water, the girl (who met Man in salon) socializing with many people using her body and collapses, Red singing in a mini concert, J and Ming hugging and she says she wants to leave with him, some memoried between them and little footage of Man and Lok.

Man goes to J's hotel room with a present. J is taking bath and does not respond him. After some time, Man thinks she has gone inside for too long. He opens the door and discovers J attempted commit suicide in the bathtub. He rushes it and saves her. J wakes up ans sees Man. Man tells her the contrast between J and her label will end. She can choose sing or not in the future. He leaves. She collapses.

Red comes to the bar, gives back the key of Lok's home to him and leaves. Lok runs to her and they kiss on the road.

Mani brings her son to hospital to visit J. She seems to be happy. J is sitting under a tree, listening MP3. Red comes to visit her with flowers. J tells her the difference of in love with singing and being a singer. Red says she does not afraid that because she does not know what to do besides singing. J responds and says she is too. They smile at each other. The whole film ends.

Deleted Scenes



Name Role Notes
Joey Yung Yim Ching-yi (J) Starred
Chapman To Man Kin-Sang (Man)
Wu Ge Wu Ming
Mag Lam Hung Hung (Red)
Carlos Chan Lok
Wilfred Lau Nam
Xian Se-Li Mani
Fiona Sit Fi Featured
William So Ah Gong
Kara Hui Miss Dan
Matt Chow Director
Masha Gu Assistant of Man




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DIVA Final Trailer

DIVA Final Trailer


Home media

iTunes exclusive

An exclusive digital EP was released in iTunes on August 14, 2012. It includes four songs from the movie, plus a digital booklet. The digital booklet was later removed for unknown reasons.

Diva OST Cover
1. "追風箏的風箏 The Kite that Chase Kites"   03:49
2. "歌姬 Diva"   03:38
3. "如情歌 Like Love Songs" (by Mag Lam) 03:53
4. "Are U Okay" (by Mag Lam) 03:22
5. "Digital Booklet"   ---
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Only two months after the theatrical release, the movie released in physical forms, including VCD, DVD and Blu-ray.


Diva VCD

Released date:
October 25, 2012
102 minutes
Emperor Motion Pictures


Diva DVD

Released date:
October 25, 2012
102 minutes
Emperor Motion Pictures
Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Digital Surround


  • Double cover design
  • 2013 Calendar card

Special Features (Approx. 38 mins):

  • Trailer
  • Making-Of
  • Interviews
  • Slideshow


Diva VCD

Released date:
October 25, 2012
1 Blu-ray Disc
102 minutes
Emperor Motion Pictures
7.1, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital


  • 2013 Calendar card

Special Features (Approx. 72 mins):

  • Trailer Gallery
  • Deleted Scenes
  • The Making-Of DIVA
  • Behind The Scenes
  • Slideshow

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