"Disfigured" (破相) is the second track of the Joey Yung's EP, Airport. It is also the second plug of the EP. The song is the fourth song of the "Rubbish" project series (all songs are related to deep painful love) of Keith Chan and Wyman Wong. Because of this, they did a remix for this song and get plugged. This song became very famous as Joey has sing the most "deep" feeling of the song.

Background and Composition


容祖兒2010空港 GET READY ON BOARD~破相

Get ready on board (making of the song).

Live performances

Joey has performed the song during many shows. She has sung the identical album version, but when she performed a short version of the song, she would lower the key of the last chorus.
She has sung the identical album version with live band performed.

Music Video

There is a 3D music video of the song. It is Joey's first ever 3D personal music video. However, Joey shot anotther video to show the deepest feeling of the song, which she showed a scar on her face at the end.



Official MV. Directed by rabbit@ptu.


容祖兒 - The Making of:破相MV

making of.


容祖兒 破相 3D MV首播

3D version.


容祖兒 - 破相 - 3DMV - 2D版

3D version (Director's cut)


破相 - 3DMV - 2D版- 制作花絮

Making of 3D MV.


聽笑話 盡量笑得不勉強
我望鏡 愁雲密佈我面上
皺著眉 旁人問我何解這樣
在這 愉快的現場

大概因我 從前撞向一道牆
種下了 難縫合舊創傷
破相 原來是要來稱呼這樣 歷史遺下的賬

是我 頑強到已經 用盡餘下血清 亦是時間認命
早知我 越活越冷清 就別望救星 投降前坐定

*(就) 越笑越見疤痕 留了提示誰是極不幸
已不記得那些壞戀人 何以苦淚 竟將這一臉愁容劃深
快樂再光臨 可惜我沒能力重生
命運已亂了 如何笑 怕驚動面上餘震*

他那天 說我眼睛很會笑
那十秒 靈魂大概已賣掉
卻換來 眉頭額角桃花倒插著 命書全逆轉了

一笑 留痕其實太深 來年 由愛變做恨
裂縫 從眉目裂向心 面色轉暗 兩頰下陷
被舊愛連累半生 若我敢再次試試蜜運


遇過無數個某君 段段緣份擦身 段段尤似利刃
刀峰過 至發覺我身 又或是我心 十萬道血痕



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
破相 Disfigured (also plugged "Rubbish" project remix) N/A 1 1 1 4



  • Electric Bass & Guitar by: 遠仔 & Barry Chung
  • Drums by: Anthony Fernandes
  • All Keyboards & Programmings: Keith Chan


  • Recorded by: Tsam Chan KY
  • Mixed by: KY (On Tech)


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