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Hong Kong

  1. 小日子 Little Day
  2. 這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute
  3. 抱抱 Hug Hug
  4. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup
  5. 心淡 Disheartened
  6. Performance Interlude
  7. 蟲之家 Home of Worms
  8. 朱古力萬歲 Chocolate Forever
  9. 心花怒放 Joyful
  10. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  11. Video Interlude
  12. 山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi
  13. 小天使 Little Angel
  14. 世上只有 Only You in the World
  15. 空港 Airport
  16. Honey!
  17. 未知 Not Yet Know
  18. Dancers Interlude
  19. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  20. 搜神記 In Search of the Deities
  21. 煙霞 Haze
  22. 天窗 Skylights
  23. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  24. Dancers Interlude
  25. 另眼相看 View in a New Light
  26. 神魂顛倒 Head Over Heels
  27. 桃色冒險 Peach Adventure
  28. Lovin' U (Video interlude)
  29. 黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door
  30. 喜喜 Happy Happy
  31. 跑步機上 On running machine
  32. 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  33. 加大力度 Greater Vigor
  34. Encore
  35. 痛愛 Pain Love (except Dec 25)
  36. 越唱越強 Sing More and Stronger (Dec 24-25)

Additional notes

  • In place of "Hug Hug", either "Forest of Flowers" (Dec 21), "Timidity" (Dec 22, 24 & Jan 1) or "Run away from You" (Dec 23) was performed.
  • "Sob" replaced "Haze" on December 22.
  • "Little Angel" and "Haze" were cut on December 31.
  • "Haze" was cut since January 4.
  • "Seven Wonders" was performed after "Head Over Heels" during December 21 to 24. It got cut from the setlist afterwards.
  • From a reliable source, "Disfigured" was planned to be performed after "Peach Adventure". However, it was never performed for unknown reasons.
  • In the 1st show, the huge moon was shown during "Haze". Starting from 2nd show, the moon was shown during "Skylights".
  • In the 2nd show,
    • the mechanic house in the first "Valentines' Day" section only showed up instead of transforming;
    • the white gauze during "Momoe Yamaguchi" was not used. Joey appeared in the stage center then;
    • Joey appeared in the stage center during "Wallpaper", this was applied to all shows later;
Show Encore songs
1st 16th Lover Confession Amen
2nd Who Will Love Me Excuse Me Thinking Too Much Drama Series
3rd Hug Hug One Love, One Lesson Special Guest Forest of Flowers Sequel
4th 16th Lover Making Effort Hug Hug Thinking Too Much Forest of Flowers Drama Series
5th Emotional My Cup of Tea One Love, One Lesson Drama Series
6th 16th Lover Special Guest Run away from You
7th Lovin' U Forest of Flowers One Love, One Lesson Premeditation Instant Breakup Splitting Bodies
8th Timidity Bad Friend Double Champion Run away from You 16th Lover
9th Sing More and Stronger 16th Lover Making Effort Timidity Drama Series Sequel Who Will Love Me Instant Breakup
10th 16th Lover Special Guest
11th Timidity Drama Series
12th Timidity
13th Timidity Bad Friend 16th Lover
14th Timidity
15th Timidity 16th Lover Hill of Memories The Best Time Drama Series Making Effort Splitting Bodies

World Tour

  1. Overture
  2. 心淡 Disheartened
  3. 誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me (US)
  4. 阿門 Amen (Macau & Guangzhou)
  5. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup
  6. 連續劇 Drama Series
  7. 心花怒放 Joyful
  8. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  9. 山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi
  10. 世上只有 Only You in the World
  11. 空港 Airport
  12. Honey!
  13. 未知 Not Yet Know
  14. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  15. 搜神記 In Search of the Deities
  16. 天窗 Skylights
  17. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  18. 黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door
  19. 另眼相看 View in a New Light
  20. 桃色冒險 Peach Adventure
  21. 跑步機上 On running machine
  22. 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  23. 加大力度 Greater Vigor
  24. 16號愛人 16th Lover
  25. 阿門 Amen (US)
  26. 花千樹 Forest of Flowers (Macau 1st & Guangzhou)
  27. Timidity (Macau 2nd)
  28. 這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far
    (Macau & Guangzhou)
  29. 續集 Sequel (US & Macau)
  30. 女皇 The Queen (Guangzhou)
  31. 逃避你 Run away from You (Macau & Guangzhou)
  32. 抱抱 Hug Hug (Guangzhou)
  33. 痛愛 Pain Love

Malaysia / Foshan

  1. 小日子 Little Day
  2. 抱抱 Hug Hug
  3. 習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup (Malaysia)
  4. 花千樹 Forest of Flowers (Foshan)
  5. 心淡 Disheartened
  6. 心花怒放 Joyful
  7. 我的驕傲 My Pride
  8. 山口百惠 Momoe Yamaguchi
  9. 世上只有 Only You in the World
  10. 空港 Airport
  11. Honey!
  12. 未知 Not Yet Know
  13. 牆紙 Wallpaper
  14. 搜神記 In Search of the Deities
  15. 天窗 Skylights
  16. 華麗邂逅 Beautiful Encounter
  17. 黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door
  18. 另眼相看 View in a New Light
  19. 桃色冒險 Peach Adventure
  20. 跑步機上 On running machine
  21. 隆重登場 Grand on Stage
  22. 加大力度 Greater Vigor
  23. 獨照 Lonely Portrait
  24. 連續劇 Drama Series
  25. 這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far
  26. 舊日回憶的山丘 Hill of Memories (Foshan)
  27. 損友 Bad Friend (Malaysia)
  28. 16號愛人 16th Lover (Foshan)
  29. 女皇 The Queen
  30. Timidity
  31. 誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me (Foshan)
  32. 特別嘉賓 Special Guest (Foshan)
  33. 痛愛 Pain Love
  34. Be True (Malaysia)