Chow Yiu Fai

Chow Yiu Fai is a famous Hong Kong lyricist. He wrote many songs for Joey Yung.

Work with Joey

Songs Album Composer Producer
囉囉攣 Wondering My Pride Kim Seok Chan,
Kim Young A
Show Up! (Mandarin ver.) Show Up! 張佳添
Melting Nin9 2 5ive Gang Hyun Min
凝溶 Solidfying
蜃樓 Mirage Give Love A Break 曾家瑋 舒文
Give Love A Break (feat. FAMA) Skot Suyama
日安憂鬱 Days of Depression Love Joey Love 3 Kenix Cheang 舒文
混血兒 Mixed-Blooded Bi-Heart 舒文
Messy 李漢文
赤地雪 Red Snow Ten Most Wanted 蔡志浩
跟珍芳達做健身操 Get Fit with Jane Fonda Ten Most Wanted Mavis Fan 舒文
舌尖開叉 Torned Tougue
用一千雙手臂擁抱你 Thousand Arms Hugging You Jump Up James Ting
心花怒放 Joyful Close Up Hanjin Tan the invisible men
搖搖搖 Shake Shake Shake Kenix Cheang 舒文
眼淚贊 (w/ Anthony Wong) 若水 亞里安
天方夜譚 Fables Little 陳科妤 舒文
解語花 Riddle Flower (Mandarin ver.) Seo Min Young/
Sung Soo Me
解語花 Riddle Flower (Cantonese ver.) Glow
很忘 Forgotten Hanjin Tan Hanjin Tan
渴望晨曦的女孩 The Girl who Wishes for Dawn 蔡德才 Carl Wong
忘憂草 Tiger Lily In Motion Pong Nan Carl Wong
Scream! Louis Cheung
我所知的兩三事 Couple Things that I Know A Time For Us Chan Kwong-wing Chan Kwong-wing
It Doesn't Matter Abigail Dobson 舒文
開動快樂 Open Happiness Butch Walker/
Cee Lo Green
Cheer Up! (w/ various artist) Hanjin Tan
信今生愛過 Believing Life has Loved
(Cantonese & Mandarin versions)
The Jade and the Pearl OST Ronald Ng Ronald Ng
Fly Airport 李遨寰 舒文
蜉蝣 Mayfly Joey & Joey Kelvin Avon,
Katrina Russ
Jun Kung,
Kelvin Avon
馬賽克 Mosaic Randy Chow 舒文
維加斯有點好萊塢 Vegas is Somewhat Hollywood Moment James Winchester/
Helena Jesele
出色 Outstanding All Delicious Collection Benedict Chong 舒文
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