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Carl celebrating his birthday with Joey.

Carl Wong (王雙駿, born in July 13), who has cooperated with Joey Yung for a long time, is a Hong Kong composer and producer. The first song he cooperated wih Joey is "美麗在望 Beautiful Sight", then Carl keep writing many songs for songs, and they keep working with each other until now. In 2008, Carl has been the main producer which produced all the songs in Joey's album, In Motion.

Carl has also been the music director and band leader for concert StarLight, Number 6 and Concert 1314 consecutively, and received major praise from the public.

Work with Joey

"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.
Songs Album Composer Lyricist Responsibility
美麗在望 Beautiful Sight Who Will Love Me Thomas Ahlstrand Albert Leung A.P
最後一課 The Last Lesson My Pride Carl Wong Albert Leung C.A.P
歌姬 Diva Show Up! 許創基 Albert Leung A.P
真身上陣 True Identity Nin9 2 5ive Carl Wong 陳浩峰 C.A.P
喜喜 Happy Happy Close Up Carl Wong Riley Lam C.A.P
黃色大門 The Big Yellow Door Wyman Wong C.A.P
零時零分 Dawn Glow Pong Nan Riley Lam A.P
Glow Edmond Tsang Wyman Wong A.P
床前無月光 No Revelation of the Moon Carl Wong Riley Lam C.A.P
渴望晨曦的女孩 The Girl who Wishes for Dawn 蔡德才 Chow Yiu Fai P
貪嗔痴 Greed, Anger, Craze Love Joey Love Four A.P
夢非夢 Dream aren't Dreams (Mandarin ver.) Very Busy 馮穎琪 Albert Leung A.P
跑步機上 On running machine In Motion Carl Wong Wyman Wong C.A.P
與蝶同眠 Sleeping with Butterflies Carl Wong Albert Leung C.A.P
夢非夢 Dream aren't Dreams (Cantonese ver.) 馮穎琪 Albert Leung A.P
二人浴 Two Person Bath Benson Fan 陳浩峰 P
忘憂草 Tiger Lily Pong Nan Chow Yiu Fai P
愛怪物的你 You who loves a Monster 馮穎琪 Riley Lam A.P
Scream! Louis Cheung Chow Yiu Fai A.P
Snake Louis Cheung Chow Yiu Fai A.P
Laziness 鍾達茵 Pia Ho A.P
28個我 28 of Me 何山 Wyman Wong P
桃色冒險 Peach Adventure Joey Ten Carl Wong Wyman Wong C.A.P
一直看見天使 Always Seeing the Angels Airport Carl Wong Wyman Wong C.A.P
加大力度 Greater Vigor Moment Carl Wong Abrahim Chan C.A.P
途經北海道 Passing Hokkaido Little Day Yoyo Sham Abrahim Chan A.P
臨床 Close to Bed Little Day Janet Yung Yito Kwok P
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