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Joey & Alex in studio

Alex Fung (馮翰銘) is a Hong Kong musician, who wrote, arranged and produced many songs. He also founded the company "The Invisible Men". He first cooperated with Joey Yung in 2009. He is also the main producer of Joey's album, Little Day and J-POP.

Work with Joey

"C" for composer of the song. "A" for arrangement of the song. "P" for producer of the song.
Songs Albums Composer Lyricist Responsible
時不與我 Never with Me A Time For Us Alex Fung Riley Lam C.A.P
在時間面前 In Front of the Time Moment Wu Tsing-Fong Wu Tsing-Fong A.P
另眼相看 View in a New Light Little Day Alex Fung Wyman Wong C.A.P
天窗 Skylights Pakho Chau A.P
七不思議 Seven Wonders Alex Fung Leung Pak Kin C.A.P
小日子 Little Day Wyman Wong
蟲之家 Home of Worms Fergus Chow Abrahim Chan P
無電才是災難 No Power is the Disaster Alex Fung,
近在咫尺 Close at Hand Alex Fung Chet Lam
深閨 Boudoir Vicky Fung Albert leung A.P
破了的米菲兔 The Broken Miffy Alex Fung Alex Fung C.L.A.P
這麼近那麼遠 This Close, That Far Me, Re-Do Jackie Cheung Wyman Wong A.P
Gotta Get High J-POP Alex Fung Abrahim Chan C.A.P
新貴 New Love 鄺尚開 Albert Leung A.P
飄紅 Rosy Me, Re-Do Janet Yung Wyman Wong A.P
黃昏點唱機 Evening Jukebox J-POP Alex Fung Riley Lam C.A.P
我好得閒 Available Yuta / Iki Wyman Wong A.P
玩家 Player J-POP Chan Kin Lok Albert Leung A.P
閃光彈 Flashbang Laura White /
James Jayawardena /
Philippa Hanna
Tim Lui
鴛鴦襪 Non-Matching Socks Alex Fung Jackson Lam C.A.P
無人知道雙子座 Nobody Knows a Gemini Cousin Fung Wyman Wong A.P



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