Albert Leung (林夕, 原名林偉文, born in December 7, 1961) is a prolific and award-winning lyricist based in Hong Kong. He has wrote many songs for Joey Yung since 2000. Most of them are welcomed and famous.

Work with Joey

何苦 How Come EP2
誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me Who Will Love Me
為你萬歲 Cheering for You
美麗在望 Beautiful Sight
精神戀愛 Mental Love Love Joey
我們都寂寞 We're Both Lonely
告解 Confession All Summer Holiday
瘦身大法 Slimming Method
全身暑假 All Summer Holiday
一個人砌圖 Playing Puzzle Alone
寂寞大道 Road of Loneliness
阿門 Amen
他狠過你 He's Meaner than You
What's Up Grand on Stage
命苦 Hardship
再見我的初戀 Goodbye my First Love
走著睡 Sleepwalking
放過你 Let You Go
(duet with Eason Chan)
抱抱 Hug Hug Something About You
啜泣 Sob
拍拖 Dating
漂白的心 A Pure Heart A Private Love Song
爭氣 Making Effort Love Joey Love 2
特別嘉賓 Special Guest
習慣失戀 Get used to Breakup My Pride
與貓共舞 Dancing with Cats
最後一課 The Last Lesson
他都不愛我 He Doesn't Like Me Neither
(duet with Deep Ng)
出賣 Betrayal Show Up!
歌姬 Diva
心甘命抵 Willingly
勉強幸福 Reluctant Bliss
想得太遠 Thinking Too Much
我也不想這樣 I Don't Want it that Way Eiter
一拍兩散 Instant Breakup Nin9 2 5ive
朱古力萬歲 Chocolate Forever
候鳥樹 Tree of Migratory Birds
煙霞 Haze Give Love A Break
身驕肉貴 Cherish My Body
貪慕虛榮 Greed Vain
天之驕女 The Girl Favored by Heaven Bi-Heart
罪魁 Criminal
堂堂男人 Real Man Ten Most Wanted 鄭汝森, 歐天勇 舒文
冬眠 Hibernation 蔡志浩
上次坐飛機 Last Flight 徐繼宗 陳永明, 舒文
愛一個上一課 One Love, One Lesson Close Up Pong Nan 舒文, JY
卸妝 Removing Makeup Eric Kwok
陪我長大 Grow Up with Me
(Cantonese ver.)
Glow Chan Kwong-wing
貪嗔癡 Greed, Anger, Craze Love Joey Love Four 張家誠 Carl Wong
陪我長大 Grow Up with Me
(Mandarin ver.)
Chan Kwong-wing
夢非夢 Dream aren't Dreams
(Mandarin ver.)
Very Busy 馮穎琪 Carl Wong
與蝶同眠 Sleeping with Butterflies In Motion Carl Wong
夢非夢 Dream aren't Dreams
(Cantonese ver.)
可歌可泣 Can Sing Can Cry A Time For Us C.Y. Kong Alvin Leong
心賊難防 Thief in the Heart is Inevitable
搜神記 In Search of the Deities Christopher Chak
圓謊 Covering Lies Eric Kwok
不好意思我愛你 Excuse Me, I Love You Moment Christopher Chak Alvin Leong
追風箏的風箏 The Kite that Chase Kites Davy Chan,
C.Y. Kong
愛情也有生命 Love has Its Life Too
(duet with Leo Ku)
Love has Its Life Too - Single Kay Huang
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