"Airport" (空港) is the first track of the Joey Yung's same-titled EP, Airport. It is the third and the last plug of the EP, also the theme song of her sixth personal concert series, Number 6. It is Joey's first light rock song. Joey said people who love her is her "airports". When she feels unsafe or lost, they would provide lights to lead her road, and also places for her to land on.

Background and Composition

容祖兒2010空港 GET READY ON BOARD ~空港

容祖兒2010空港 GET READY ON BOARD ~空港

Get ready on board (making of the song).

Music Video

容祖兒 - 空港 MV (高品質)

容祖兒 - 空港 MV (高品質)

Official MV, directed by Susie Au, outfit by Ara Jo.

容祖兒 - The Making of:空港MV

容祖兒 - The Making of:空港MV

Making of


只知要飛 但是不知高處 會抽光我的氧氣
當初我這班客機 曾羨慕空中的鳥
跌痛了 我會努力從原地起
到了最終 總算 學會飛
但為什麼 捉到浮雲 才想起

誰的光 如常為我築起 這空港
何時若覺不安 都清楚燈塔會於哪方
迷失了到底要飛哪方 yeah yeah
雲蒼蒼 茫茫長夜裡感激 有空港
雲層上滿星光 星星不知道我的怯慌
人間卻有殷切的眼光 仰望 我下降

只知要飛 但自當天出發
今天我屈指算起 曾為自己爭口氣
我慣了 世界各地來回地飛
卻怕有一天我 下了機
站在陌生的星球時 才傷悲

誰的光 如常為我築起 這空港
曾忙着破天荒 不清楚心要放於哪方
誰給我蓋好被講晚安 yeah yeah
雲蒼蒼 茫茫長夜裡感激 有空港
雲層上滿星光 星星不知道我的怯慌
人間卻有殷切的眼光 每夜 往上看

(從高處) 往下看~
(迷失裡) 你的愛好比~一個網 往下看
(颱風裡) 的空港~
(唯一你) 會等我心足了飛夠了 再下降



Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
空港 Airport (also plugged
Number 6 live version)
06/11/2010 1 --- 4 ---


  • All Guitars by: 賢仔
  • Bass by: 賢仔
  • Drums by: Stephabe S. Wong
  • All Keyboards & Programmings: 舒文 @Zoo Music
  • All Chorus: JY616, Patrick Lam


  • Recorded by: Ar Wil & 肥丘 @Zoo Music Studio
  • Mixed by: & 舒文 @Zoo Music Studio


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