Abrahim Chan

Abrahim Chan (陳詠謙) is a famous Hong Kong-based lyricist. He has written several songs for Joey Yung.

Work with Joey

Songs Album Composer Producer
澎湃 Emotional Joey & Joey C. Y. Kong Schumann
我要玩 I Wanna Play Emperor Mega Hits 2011 藝琛 Schumann
加大力度 Greater Vigor Moment Carl Wong Carl Wong
途經北海道 Passing Hokkaido Little Day Yoyo Sham
蟲之家 Home of Worms Little Day Fergus Chow Alex Fung /
Fergus Chow
無電才是災難 No Power is the Disaster Alex Fung / 何山
讓我們走下去 Let Us Keep Walking
(feat. Nicholas Tse)
Nicholas Tse Nicholas Tse
/ Carl Wong
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