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Grand on Stage is the second cantonese studio album of Joey Yung. It was released on October 11, 2001. This album was considered different compared to Joey's past albums, as it had a more variety of pop and less R&B, and lead Joey's music to a new direction, more like the music she is releasing now. This album included the theme of Joey's second solo concert and first solo concert series, ~H2O+ Joey Yung Live in Concert 2001. It should also be noted that the concert theme, also the main track for this album, was originally called "Explosive Queen", as the concert was originally called "Explode the Hong Kong Coliseum Live". The concert and song name were changed after the 911 incident. During the time this album was released, Joey voice was already starting to become strained, leading to the infamous voice loss incident that started later on that year. Hit songs in the album including "Grand on Stage", "Timidity" and "Goodbye My First Love".

Released versions

Limited edition

Joey SolemnOnStage Boxset Box Front.jpg
  • Released as a boxset;
  • CD (11 tracks), bonus VCD & making-of photo album included;
  • The first four tracks were named "Tetra-logy of Youth"
1. "What's Up"   03:20
2. "命苦 Hardship"   03:17
3. "Timidity"   03:21
4. "再見我的初戀 Goodbye My First Love" (~H2O+ commercial song) 04:04
5. "擁抱天下 Embrace the World"   03:34
6. "隆重登場 Grand on Stage"   04:17
7. "R U READY 4 ME?"   03:47
8. "銀蛋伴小貓 Silver Egg with the Kitten"   04:05
9. "走著睡 Sleepwalking"   03:20
10. "麻煩你 Please"   03:14
11. "沙堡壘 Sand Castle"   03:48
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Special edition

Joey SolemnOnStage Cover.jpg
  • Released in December 2001;
  • CD case packaging;
  • 2 bonus music videos included.

Reissued version

Joey SolemnOnStageReissue Back.jpg
  • Released on 30th May, 2007;
  • The label re-released the album, without the VCD.



Grand on Stage Platinum (> 90,000)
  • IFPI Hong Kong Record Sales Awards 2002 - Top Ten Selling Cantonese Albums


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
隆重登場 Grand on Stage 09/09/2001 15 1 1 1
再見我的初戀 Goodbye My First Love 21/10/2001 9 12 5 5
Timidity 25/11/2001 1 3 1 1
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producer: Gordon Cheng
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Lam Wai Hon
  • A&R Department: Tony Kong, Stanley Leung
  • Artiste Promotion: (Radio) Lai Tsz Leung, Ewin Lee, Larry Lau; (TV) Horace Wai, Roy 2
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok, Oscar Cheung, Maggie Cheung of EEG Artiste Management Division
  • Creative & Post Production: James Lam, Winnie Chan
  • Art Direction: shya-la-la (ah mun)
  • Photographer: shya-la-la (wing shya), Catherine Lo
  • Image Direction: Bruce Yu
  • Hair: Billy Cheung
  • Make-up: Maee Von
  • Design: shya-la-la
  • CD Mastered by: Gary Kum at Avon Studio
  • Special Thanks: ~H2O+, Nikon, Four Seas