答案之書容祖兒的第八張國語專輯,是繼"Moment"之後,相隔六年之多的國語大碟。此專輯由2017年的My Secret Live後,開始籌備和錄音過程,並邀得不少著名中港台音樂人參與創作,如吳易緯陶山常石磊魏如萱生命樹李榮浩葛大為周耀輝林家謙鍾舒漫徐浩賈立怡等,亦有祖兒的恆常合作伙伴,黃偉文馮翰銘參與。



Searching for Answers is the eighth Mandarin album released by Joey Yung, 6 years after "Moment". After the critically acclaimed My Secret Live and I Am a Singer performance, Joey started the recording process in 2017 through 2018. This album includes work from famous Chinese, Taiwanese and other musicians like Wu I-Wei, Skot Suyama, Chang Shilei, Waa Wei, Tree of Life, Li Ronghao, Chow Yiu Fai, Terence Lam, Sherman Chung, Terry Chui, Rachel Kar and more. Constant collaboration partners Wyman Wong and Alex Fung are also included in the project.

The first promotional single was "Runner-Up", which was premiered on Taiwanese radios on October 8. The pop-rock track is in one of Joey's rarely attempted genre. It caught the attention of both Hong Kong and Taiwanese audience. The other released singles were "Grow Up", "Binding Dreams" and "Searching for Answers". All of them come with a different theme and a different music video.


SfA Poster

The theme of the album is "Time is the best answer". TBA[1]


SfA Concert Poster

Poster for Taiwan concept concert

For the promotion of this album, Joey first held a premiere concert in Beijing, showcasing a few album tracks to the audience on the release day of the album. Notably, Joey then announced and held a concept concert at Legacy in Taipei, which is her first show in Taiwan for a 6 years. The show was sold out and Joey performed a bunch of fan-favourites, along the whole Searching for Answers album. For the details and setlist of this concert, please visit this page.

In support of the album, four singles were released and pushed. "Runner-Up" was the first single, which was premiered on Taiwanese radios on October 8. While composed and lyrics wrote by Joey's long-term partners Alex Fung and Wyman Wong, the pop-rock track is in one of Joey's rarely attempted genre. It received attention of its upbeat sound and special lyrics. The lyrics mentioned that being a runner-up is not always a bad thing. Wyman also incorporated a line from "16th Lover", a Joey's classic into the song and further expand the idea. The music video was directed by Taiwanese director Joshua Lin.

The second single was "Grow Up", which was also the only plug off the album to Hong Kong's radio stations. The song was written by Hong Kong famous musicians Terence Lam, Terry Chui and singer-songwriter Sherman Chung. It was a song about learning from our past, be grateful of all the experience we had and gladly move on. Just like the personal letter to her past self in the album packaging, the song paid tribute to Joey herself and all the achievements she had. In a teaser video released, Joey's past album covers and performance pictures were shown, as a memory lane for Joey and her fans.

"Binding Dreams" TBA "Searching for Answers" TBA

Released versions

Hong Kong edition

Searching for Answers
  • Released on October 19, 2018;
  • Includes a personal letter from Joey.
1. "優秀 Excellent"   03:37
2. "亞亞亞 Runner-Up"   03:03
3. "綁夢 Binding Dreams"   03:20
4. "孤單喧嘩 Lonely Uproar"   04:20
5. "容光 The Glow on Face"   04:32
6. "幸福不急 Happiness is Not Urgent"   03:28
7. "單人遊 Travel Alone"   04:07
8. "答案之書 Searching for Answers"   04:03
9. "長大 Grow Up"   03:38
10. "剛好 Just Right"   04:58
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Taiwan edition

SfA Design
  • Released on October 19, 2018;
  • Includes a personal letter from Joey;
  • A slightly different texture and design.

Digital edition

SfA Digital
  • Released on October 19, 2018;
  • A slightly different cover.



答案之書 Searching for Answers TBA


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
長大 Grow Up 15/10/2018 9 --- --- ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producers: Shirley Hughes / Mani Fok
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Raymond Chan / Wong Chung Oi
  • Marketing & Promotion: Maggie Tse / Mary Ma / Dore Fong / Irene Leung / Lylian Lai
  • Digital Sales: Natalie Chan / Eliza Li / Phoebe Leung
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok / Purple Ho / Matthew Lo / Van Wan
  • A&R Department: Leo Chan / Liu Chi Wah / Ronnie Ng / Dash Tam / Kinn Leung
  • Physical Sales & Overeas Marketing: Carmen Lam / Ruby Chan
  • Post-Production: James Lam / Crystal Chow
  • Multimedia Production: Ken Wong
  • Content Management: Korein Lok / Enson Tam / Jun Chu / Long Chiu / Allen Tong / Candy Lee / Yuki Cheng
  • Distributed by: Ascents Media Entertainment
  • Marketing Director: Alice
  • Marketing Assistant: Amber
  • Creative Marketing Manager / Copywriter: Kunta@i like today
  • Photographer: Shaotingkuei
  • Music Video Director: Joshua Lin (Runner-Up) / Chen Hung-i (Grow Up) / Bill Chia (Binding Dreams)
  • Album Designer: Joe Fang@JOEFANGSTUDIO & Hitsu Pi@HitsuDesignStudio.
  • Illustration: Joey Yung
  • Stylist: Pinky & Paris, Luka So & Vera Cheng
  • Make-up: Hubei Har
  • Hairstylist: Heibeimok@hairculture
  • Press Media Promotion: Jay Hong
  • TV Media Promotion: Alice
  • Radio Media Promotion: Taco Chang
  • Web Media Promotion: Ascents Media Entertainment
  • 平面側拍: Even Huang
  • 影像側拍&剪輯: Liu Hsuan
  • Printing Consultant: Kelvin Chen@喬羽彩色印刷


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