很忙容祖兒的第六張個人國語專輯,於2009年8月14日發行,亦是祖兒十周年計劃的其中一張專輯。在這次專輯中,祖兒特意和數位著名音樂人首次合作,包括由台灣歌手林俊傑作曲的"這就是愛嗎?",和由著名內地歌手韓紅所作曲的"永遠的愛人"。在專輯正式發行前,祖兒於七月於"Joey Yung Moov Live 2009"首次唱出碟內部份歌曲,而現場錄影和錄音亦收錄於專輯的DVD內。

Very Busy is Joey Yung's sixth personal Mandarin album, released on 14th August, 2009, also one of the albums for JoeyTen 10th Anniversary Project. For the album Joey collaborated with a number of famous Mandopop musicians that she has never worked with before. The lead single "Is this Love?" was written by popular Singapore singer-songwriter JJ Lin, while the song "Forever Lover" was written by the famous Mainland Chinese singer Han Hong. Before the album was released ,eight out of the ten songs were performed (and heard for the first time) live in July at Joey's first MOOV Live Session (a series of concerts organized by Hong Kong's largest online music store), "Joey Yung Moov Live 2009".

Released versions

First edition

Joey VeryBusy Front
  • Includes trial certificate of;
  • Recording of Joey Yung Moov Live 2009, making-of, plus 4 music videos included in DVD
1. "Slow Dance" ("Let's Shake It" promotion song) 03:42
2. "答案 Answer"   04:33
3. "羅馬時差 Time Difference of Rome"   04:21
4. "延長賽 The Playoff" (TV drama "青春舞臺" ending song) 03:56
5. "這就是愛嗎? Is this the Love?" (Boardway commercial song) 03:59
6. "很忙 Very Busy"   04:15
7. "烏賊 Spuid"   03:51
8. "夢非夢 Dream aren't Dreams" (Mandarin version) 04:19
9. "赤地之戀 Love on the Red Land" (Mandarin ver. of "搜神記") 04:32
10. "永遠的愛人 Forever Lover"   04:38
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Mainland China edition

Joey VeryBusy China Box Front



Very Busy Gold (> 15,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
這就是愛嗎? Is this the Love? 26/06/2009 --- 6 --- ---
很忙 Very Busy 27/08/2009 8 --- --- ---



  • Executive Director: Ng Yu
  • Director: Mani Fok
  • Marketing and Promoting Director: Ivy Lin
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Douglas Chang
  • Artiste Promotion: Martin Cheng/ Purplr Ho/ Sammy Fung/ Maggie Tse/ Kin So
  • Artiste Management Department: Mani Fok/ Kitty Cheang/ Ada Wong/ Sandy Wai
  • Digital Entertainment Department: Ian Yung/ Irene Chung
  • Creative & Post-Production: James Lam/ Teffia Tung
  • Photography: Wing Shya@ Shya la la
  • Art Direction and Image Styling: Tomas Chan
  • Make Up: Arris Law
  • Hair Styling: Billy Choi (Hair Culture)
  • Music Videos: PTU
  • Graphic Design: Ivan@模擬城市
  • Regional Marketing Promotion Department: Ruby Chan
  • A&R Department: Leong Shek Chi / Ronnie Ng / Liu Chi Wah
  • Mastering Producer: 舒文@Zoo Music Studio
  • Mastering Enginner: 錄文 & 宋嘉恆@Zoo Music Studio
  • Special Thanks: Broadway Electronic, Mioggi, Moov, Y.CMD, Harmonie
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