Little is Joey Yung's fifth personal Mandarin album, released on 6th May, 2007. This album was released to 5000 copies in whole Asia. The album, named "Little" is hoping to lead the fans to return to Joey's childhood little world, little dreams as the growth momentum. The same-titled song in the album, "Little", was composed by the famous Taiwanese singer, Jay Chou. It marked his first collaboration with Joey and was welcomed by general public.

Released versions

First edition

Joey Little Front
  • Released on 6th May, 2007;
  • Was limited to 5000 copies in the whole Asia;
  • Included a bonus DVD of 3 music videos.
1. "曙鳳蝶 Swallowtail Butterfly"   04:11
2. "小小 Little"   04:24
3. "在你的左右 Around You"   04:41
4. "怎麼走 How to Leave"   04:06
5. "牛奶 Milk"   03:47
6. "沒關係 Never Mind"   03:40
7. "花開的時刻 When the Flower Blooms"   03:20
8. "天方夜譚 Fables"   03:20
9. "間接傷害 Indirect Hurting"   04:02
10. "解語花 Riddle Flower" (Korean drama 《黃真伊》 theme song) 03:17
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Malaysian Limited edition

Little Malay Box Front
  • Released on July 2007;
  • Used a special "candy" package, included:
    • A Little CD with Joey's singature;
    • A cell phone holder;
    • A note book/diary;
    • A Pen.

Mainland China edition

Joey Little China Front
  • Released in 2007;
  • A smaller package than the first edition.



Little TBA


Song Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
小小 Little 16/06/2007 18 2 2 7



  • Executive Director: Ng Yu
  • Executive Producer: Johnson Lam
  • A&R Project Director: Ivy Lin
  • A&R Coordinator: Ivy Lin & Hans Lee
  • Mastering Producer: Schumann
  • Mastering Engineer (Studio): Ryan Smith (Sterling Sound, New York)
  • Photography: Wing Shya@Shya-la-la
  • Art Direction and Image Styling: Sean Kunjamby
  • Graphic Design:
  • Album Cover Make Up: Arris Law
  • Album Cover Hair Styling: Billy Choi (Hair Culture)
  • Copy Writer: Sting Chang
  • Regional Marketing Department (EEG HK): Ruby Chan / Elaine Yeung
  • A&R Department: Leo Chan / Leong Shek Chi / Ronnie Ng / Liu Chi Wah
  • Marketing & Media Planning (EEG HK): Douglas Chang / Ewin Lee
  • Artiste Promotion (EEG HK): (Radio) Martin Cheng / So Kin Pong / (TV) Sammy Fung / Maggie Tse / (Press) Purple Ho
  • Artiste Management Department (EEG HK): Mani Fok / Oscar Cheung / Sally Lum / Sandy Wai
  • New Media Department (EEG HK): Ian Yung / Irene Chung
  • Post-Production (EEG HK): James Lam / Carmen Wu / Teffia Tung
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