Love Joey is Joey Yung's first compilation, with 5 new tracks and 11 old tracks, released on 18th January, 2001. There is also an AVCD in the first edition, which includes 1 music videos and 3 live songs. Later, a MiniDisc version of the compilation was also released. It's Joey's first MiniDisc, and the only one. Years later, a DSD version of the compilation was also released. It is her first album to use DSD format for rising song qualities. And the song, "Pain Love", is very famous, which leads Joey's image of "Karaoke Queen".

Released versions

First edition

Joey LoveJoey Box Front
  • Included CD and a bonus AVCD;
  • CD contains 5 new tracks and 11 old tracks;
  • Bonus AVCD includes 1 music video and 3 live songs.
1. "痛愛 Pain Love"   03:33
2. "精神戀愛 Mental Love"   04:15
3. "你說得對 You're Right"   03:07
4. "雙腳著地 Feet Stand on the Ground" (with Ronald Leung) 04:06
5. "未知 Not Yet Know"   03:38
6. "逃避你 Run away from You"   04:05
7. "這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute"   03:49
8. "不容錯失 Don't Miss"   03:20
9. "Lovin' U"   04:01
10. "何苦 How Come"   03:12
11. "相當刺激 So Exciting"   03:49
12. "Goodbye"   04:13
13. "誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me"   03:52
14. "撈針 Search the Needle"   02:44
15. "美麗在望 Beautiful Sight"   03:33
16. "我們都寂寞 We're both Lonely" (Mandarin ver. of "Who Will Love Me") 03:48
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MiniDisc version

Joey LoveJoey MD Booklet Front
  • Released in 2001;
  • Joey's first MD, and the only one;
  • A different cover;
  • Same track list except "We're both Lonely".

DSD version

Joey LoveJoeyDSD Front
  • Released in 22nd May, 2003;
  • A yellow theme of the cover;
  • Joey's first DSD album;
  • The track listing is slightly different from other versions.

Track listing

Reissued version

Joey LoveJoeyReissue Back
  • Released on 29th March, 2007;
  • The label reissued the first edition, without the bonus AVCD.



Love Joey New Songs & Greatest Hits Double Platinum (> 130,000)


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
雙腳著地 Feet Stand on the Ground (with Ronald Leung) 24/12/2000 --- 3 --- ---
痛愛 Pain Love 14/01/2001 1 1 1 1
你說得對 You're Right 11/03/2001 15 19 18 8
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.




  • Executive Producers: 李進, Tony Kong
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Lam Wai Hon
  • A&R: Tony Kong, Stanley Leung, Gordon O'Yang
  • Production Co-ordination: 梁錫池, Tracie Wong
  • Artiste Promotion: (Radio) Lai Tsz Leung, Herman Tse, Ewin Lee, Jody Wong (TV) Roy 2, Horace Wai, Keith Wong
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok, Mon Ng, Jenny Chu, Maggie Cheung of EEG Artiste Management Division
  • Creative & Post Production: James Lam, Vikki Lee, Winnie Chan, Joe Mak
  • CD Mastered by: Raymond Yu at Avon Studios
  • Art Direction: Ching Siu Wai
  • Photographer: Gary Mui
  • Hair: Boffy Cheung
  • Make-up: Zing
  • Design: Foam Studio
  • Wardrobe: Atsuro Tayama
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