Love Joey Love 2 is Joey Yung's second personal compilation (new+old songs), released on 23rd October, 2002. This compilation includes 14 past hits and 3 new songs. Her 14 past hits includes not only her famous ballads/"k-songs" like "Pan Love", "Who Will Love Me", and "Sob", but also includes popular upbeat songs like "Grand on Stage" and "Not Yet Know". The new songs consists of the popular chart topping ballad, "Making Effort", the themesong to her movie "Semi-Haunted" (with Eason Chan), as well as the upbeat song "Phone Me". This album later on became one of 2002's top ten selling albums.

Released versions

First edition

Joey LoveJoey2 Outer Cover Front
  • Released with a large package;
  • Released just like a photo album;
  • A CD and an iVCD with some coupons included;
  • The iVCD contains a music video and some photos and a flash game.
1. "爭氣 Making Effort" (~H2O+ theme song) 03:17
2. "電我 Phone Me" (Siemens Mobile theme song) 03:34
3. "特別嘉賓 Special Guest" (Ninsen theme song) 03:30
4. "痛愛 Pain Love"   03:33
5. "Timidity"   03:21
6. "抱抱 Hug Hug"   03:43
7. "啜泣 Sob"   03:33
8. "未知 Not Yet Know"   03:38
9. "隆重登場 Grand on Stage"   04:18
10. "全身暑假 All Summer Holiday"   03:22
11. "再見我的初戀 Goodbye my First Love"   04:04
12. "告解 Confession"   04:34
13. "阿門 Amen"   03:48
14. "逃避你 Runaway From You"   04:05
15. "何苦 How Come"   03:11
16. "誰來愛我 Who Will Love Me"   03:52
17. "這分鐘更愛你 Love You More in this Minute"   03:48
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Second edition

Joey LoveJoey2 2ndEd Outer Cover Front
  • Released on 3rd January, 2003;
  • A different cover and package;
  • A different version of "My Pride" was added as a bonus track;
  • AVCD replace the iVCD, contains 3 music videos and 1 remix.


Joey LoveJoey2 VCD Box Front
  • Released on 11th March, 2003;
  • Joey's first music videos karaoke VCD.


Love Joey 2 DVD Box Front
  • Released on 11th March, 2003;
  • Joey's first music videos karaoke DVD.


Joey LoveJoey2 SACD Box Front
  • Released on 22nd March, 2003;
  • Joey's first SACD, printed and made in Japan.


Joey LoveJoey2 AQCD Front
  • Released on 1st February, 2011;
  • Joey's first AQCD.

Reissued version

LJL2 Reisuue
  • Released on December 23, 2013;
  • Used the 2nd edition cover;
  • Included 2nd edition tracks.



Love Joey Love: the Greatest Hits 2 TBA


Songs Approx. Date 903 RTHK 997 TVB
爭氣 Making Effort 06/10/2002 1 1 1 1
特別嘉賓 Special Guest 08/12/2002 --- 3 2 4
電我 Phone Me 12/01/2003 13 --- --- ---
  • For more awards received, please visit individual song page.



  • Executive Producers: Ng Yu / Gordon Chang
  • Marketing & Media Planning: Lam Wai Hon
  • A&R: Leo Chan / 關禮琛
  • Artiste Promotion: (Radio) Michael Tsang / Ewin Lee / Larry Lau (TV) Roy 2 / Horace Wai
  • Artiste Management: Mani Fok / Sandy Wai / Kitty Pak / Oscar Cheung
  • Creative & Post Production: James Lam / Maggie Mak / Carmen Wu
  • Art Direction and Jacket Design: Matt (graphix red)
  • Styling: Adele Leung (ii Production)
  • Photography: CK Studio
  • Hair: Boffy Cheung
  • Make-up: Ricky Lau
  • CD Mastered by: David Sum at Avon Studio
  • Special Thanks: ~H2O+, Nissin, Four Seas, Siemens Mobile, iemens Mobile]], OZOC, INDIVI
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